3 Reasons To Conquer Your Fears With Zip Lining

3 Reasons To Conquer Your Fears With Zip Lining

My family and I got invited to go zip lining at The Mountain Springs Lodge in Leavenworth while we were visiting in Washington. I knew that this would be an opportunity that we needed to dive in with both feet on or we would regret it. I’m not a natural adventure seeker, but I AM always ready to try new experiences- especially ones we don’t get to do every day.

Our kids were nervous, my husband was excited, and I was thrilled and trying to keep every worst case scenario in my mind at bay. We ended up having the most incredible time! The staff at The Mountain Springs Lodge are professionals who care about ensuring that you have the best experience. They are wonderful with kids- my seven year old conquered even the large zip lines and LOVED it. All in all, here is what I learned through our experience. Today I am sharing 3 Reasons To Conquer Your Fears With Zip Lining.

3 Reasons To Conquer Your Fears With Zip Lining

1. Practice Trust

Zip lining gives you an excellent chance to practice trust. We had to trust that all the equipment would work to hold us as we coasted through the air. We also had to trust that the staff was going to help to keep us safe too. We had to trust each other as we cheered one another one. And most importantly, we had to trust ourselves as we agreed to trust the harness, staff and the experience as whole. You have no choice but to relinquish control and to go with the flow. Well, if you want to have a good experience at least. 

2. To Teach Your Brain That You Can Do It

When you’re embarking on a new adventure or task, often times we self sabotage. We automatically believe that we can’t do xyz and that’s because our brains are working on overtime to keep us safe. I’m thankful really, but when it comes time to accepting a new challenge, it’s time to teach your brain that you CAN do it. If one person can do it, so can you! When you conquer your goals, your brain will remember that and it helps to build your confidence. Muscle memory will kick in and the next time you step up to achieve something challenging, your brain will have an easier time remembering that it IS possible for you to do!

3. Because It’s Insanely Fun

Zip lining was a full afternoon of family time laughs, trying new things, and supporting one another. It was such a memorable experience and something we WILL do again. Plus, cascading over the tops of the Washington trees was something I won’t ever forget! 

If you ever have the chance to zip line, don’t say no! Dive in and give it a try. The lines did look daunting, high up and long! But, I watched my 7 year old conquer every single line without fear or complaint and it was awe inspiring. Say YES to adventure. Say YES to family bonding and memories. Plus, if you get the chance to zip line at The Mountain Springs Lodge, I highly recommend it! You can book your tour HERE.

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