3 Reasons You Should Switch To The Tegreen Supplement

3 Reasons You Should Switch To The Tegreen Supplement

As a busy working mom, taking care of my own health can feel like a full time job at times. Prioritizing self care is so important and necessary. But, easy for things to slip and go left unchecked. Overall health of your body and gut is one of those things that can be easily overlooked. I am always looking for quick and effective ways to prioritize the cells in my body and keep them functioning properly. The supplement I am going to share today is one of those additions that every busy working mom needs to add to her supplement supply. Today, I am sharing 3 Reasons You Should Switch To The Tegreen Supplement.

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3 Reasons You Should Switch To The Tegreen Supplement

3 Reasons You Should Switch To The Tegreen Supplement

1. Supports Healthy Cell Function

Tegreen is a supplement that includes catechins found naturally in green tea which are shown to support healthy cell function and structure by neutralizing harmful free radicals. Increasing evidence suggests that the therapeutic effects of green tea are mediated by tea polyphenols. Tegreen provides triple-action cell protection by supporting the body in neutralizing three cell-jeopardizing substances: free radicals, nitrosamines, and potentially harmful toxins. Any busy mom that is concerned about long-term cell health and their antioxidant status should take Tegreen. If you have a hectic, busy, or stressful lifestyle, or if you’re frequently exposed to pollution you might also find benefits from adding this to your daily routine.

2. Provides Potent Antioxidants

Tegreen is a proprietary, highly concentrated extract of the catechins found in green tea. As one of the most potent antioxidant supplements on the market, Tegreen has a 97% polyphenol content, 65% of which are catechins. Each Tegreen capsule contains the catechin equivalent of approximately seven cups of green tea and is 99.5% caffeine free. Clinical studies show consuming 400 to 600 mg of catechins at one time will more effectively increase the level of catechins in the blood and increase the amount of time they stay in the body. The result? Healthy cells, healthier blood, and a body that functions better overall.

3. Increases The Body’s Metobolic Rate

If you’re worried about your metabolism or lack thereof, then this is the supplement to add. The results of clinical studies done on this supplement have proven that the benefits of Tegreen are that it improves lipid and glucose metabolism, helps to maintain normal insulin sensitivity, and works to balance the metabolic rate of fat deposit and fat burning. It uses green tea naturally but nearly eliminates the caffeine from the green tea. So you’re getting ALL the benefits from the green tea, without the caffeine. Also, you won’t have to drink 8 cups of green tea to see results. What busy mom has time for that?

Like with anything, check with your doctor before starting any new supplementation. I am not a doctor nor can I prescribe anything for medical purposes. However, I have taken this supplement for a few years now and I do highly recommend it. As a busy working mom who is always looking for ways to stay healthy, take care of my organs and keep an eye on my metabolism, this is one simple way to ensure that all of that happens. If you would like to read up on any of the clinical studies, you can check them out HERE. If you’re ready to order Tegreen, I would be happy to help you! You can get a 30 count supply or a 120 count supply. If you would like more product information, you can read up on it HERE.

Here’s to living a healthy life with simple solutions that actually work!

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