3 Things I Learned From Network Marketing

3 Things I Learned From Network Marketing

I’m just going to say it. Here I go. I LOVE NETWORK MARKETING. Now, before you cut loose and bail on me, hear me out! I literally stumbled into network marketing three years ago, and linked arms with a company that I absolutely fell in love with. Everything about my experience (while it hasn’t been perfect) has been fun, creative, exciting and somedays, exhilarating!

I realize that this isn’t everyone’s experience inside network marketing, and I do feel sadly about that. No industry is perfect, but the network marketing industry has a bad rep for good reason. I get it. I’ve seen it. I’ve worked really hard to be the change and to train my team in the best ways possible. But I get the stereotype, and some people have had really bad experiences, so I don’t want to count that out. There are some really crummy companies, and a handful of people have seemed to make it harder for everyone.

That just hasn’t been MY experience, and I am grateful for that!

Because of this, I have been able to use network marketing to my advantage to help build my brand, and expand inside my business. It’s opened a lot of doors for me, and I want to share some of what I’ve learned here today. Are you considering network marketing? Do you want to jump back in but aren’t sure who to trust and where to start? Today I am going to share 3 tips I learned in network marketing, and why I think this industry can help anyone build their brand- especially if you need or want experience.

3 things I learned in network marketing

1. Network Marketing Will Help You Hone Your Business Skills

I had no idea what I had stumbled upon when I joined this industry. What I new at the beginning was that I loved the products and that I could stand behind them. That was really important to me. What I wasn’t expecting, was to grow completely as a human, a woman, and a business owner! I wasn’t expecting to be challenged and to be encouraged to grow to be better.

I thought I knew a lot about running and building a business, but there was an entire side of being an entrepreneur that I knew nothing about. And that truly was the self development side of it all. Network marketing linked me with some of the most brilliant minds in the industry, and I was able to learn about what it takes to build a team, to serve others, to use social media to attract your ideal consumer, and how to be a better leader that I desired to be.

Without having to worry about shipping, marketing, stocking inventory, accounting, hiring employees, creating products or paying for advertising, I was able to work on building myself as a leader and entrepreneur while all of those other things were taken care of by the company. It was incredibly freeing to know that I was in a place that strongly encouraged self development, serving others inside my business, and truly helping to build other leaders in my team. My goals are always to help those who join me, to make MORE money that I do.

Network marketing has helped me to hone my business skills moreso than any other business I’ve ever run or built. It’s helped me to grow in leadership more than ever, and link arms with brilliant minds who have done nothing but empower and encourage me to help others. I recently released a podcast episode about this very topic, and if you’d like to check it out, you can listen HERE.

2. Go For No

Early on in my days inside network marketing, I was encouraged to read the book, Go For No by Richard Fenton. So I did, and boy did it change my mindset about hearing and receiving the word NO. Prior to my network marketing career, I was a full time wedding photographer. My husband and I photographed hundreds of weddings nationwide, and received countless inquiries through the years. While we booked a tremendous amount of photo shoots and events, we heard NO often from couples who decided to go with someone else. It was always hard to hear the word no and I was always a little deflated by it.

Once I started in network marketing, it was recommended to read Go For No, and everything shifted for me. Yes, I hear the word no MORE now than I ever have before, but my mindset has shifted about it. I now see it as a way to get to the YES. No matter what it is that I’m offering, there is always going to be people who will say no. Your products, services, business opportunities will not be for everyone all the time. BUT, your target audience IS out there and you just have to find them! It can take talking with a lot of people, but isn’t that going to be worth it to find the right people to work with?

I think so.

So now, I very the word NO very differently. It’s not as scary, and I understand how important it is. I understand how essential it is to realize that not everyone will say yes to you, and that you can’t give up just because you’re hearing a lot of no’s.

3. Your Job Is To Serve Others

Even as a wedding photographer, I knew that I was serving our clients. It was always my desire to serve others, but ultimately, we were always thinking about how we could grow our business. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bad thing necessarily. Serving others was important to me, but to be totally honest, it was more important that I had work coming in.

I feel crappy writing that, but it’s true.

After I joined network marketing is when I TRULY learned that serving others was much more important than making the sale. Once I shifted my focus to discovering what problems my ideal client has, and then discovering how I can SOLVE those problems by serving them, is when I really started to see things shift for me. Not only in my business, but in my heart.

Network marketing should be ALL about serving others. You should be behind the products you offer enough to be enthusiastic to sell them, BUT you should also be so excited about the company that you are connected to. The company that I am connected to constantly makes me feel like they are also serving ME. I feel supported. I have met with the leaders that work there, including the General Manager, the Lead Social Media Manager, the President and several chief scientists. I have “kicked the bricks” and seen that the words they say, they mean. I don’t have to recruit ANY one in order to make money, if I don’t want to. I watched the global pandemic begin and the economy crumble and the company I’m with only grew stronger, and set out to serve us as distributors AND the community.

The goal is and always should be to serve others. It’s to change their lives, not out of manipulation, but out of kindness and grace. I truly feel like I am walking around with a gift to give other entrepreneurs. A life changing gift that can enhance your business in any and ALL the ways that you want it to. And I work to find leaders, listen to what they need, what their passions are and to link arms with them to pursue those dreams and goals.

And I do this in part, with network marketing.

I believe it can be an asset that’s added to your life, and that it can truly bless your business. It can elevate you and help you reach your goals. It can connect you to leaders who care about you and who can help mentor you in your journey. It can help you realize that this is truly all about serving others and meeting them right where they’re at, and when you can recognize that, your business can shift in explosive and magnetic ways.

What started as a small toothpaste post, has turned into an opportunity of a lifetime. One where I’m able to create a team of wonderful leaders who I am excited to work with. To empower them to build their own businesses that are strong, pay them what they’re worth, and that truly feel like THEM. If you’re hesitant to step back into network marketing, why not give it another try? I’d love to link arms with you, to mentor you, to help you utilize these opportunities in ways that not only bless YOUR life but that can change it for the better to.

If you’re interested in joining my team, email me at makeeverydaystellar@gmail.com and we can talk. I’d love to see if this is a good fit for you. Network marketing can be a blessing if you’re willing to be open minded once more, gather more facts, and see how this can fit into everything you’re already doing. I’m excited to continue to find leaders to link arms with, and I truly hope that that might be you!

Make every day stellar!
Jess xo

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