Make Every Day Stellar Gratitude Journal

Make Every Day Stellar, A 31 Day Gratitude Journal

This has been a tool, a project and a desire on my heart for a good long while now. Life has been crazy and I always wanted to wait for the right timing to pursue this one, PLUS I wanted to really make sure that I had the right tools and mindset to create it. I have struggled in my mindset for as long as I can remember, and putting out a book like this didn’t feel right until I at least had accomplished some progress in this area in my own life.

And boy did I! It was a process for myself, as I’m sure it is for you, and doing the work can be hard, long, and so worth it. If you are struggling with your mindset, I want to encourage you and equip you with a tool that can help lift your mindset up and focus on finding the small joys in your life, even if there doesn’t seem to be any currently.

With that said, I am so excited to announce that I have self published and launched my very first book!

The Make Every Day Stellar 31 Day Gratitude Journal is now LIVE and ready for you to grab your own!

Make Every Day Stellar 31 Day Gratitude Journal

What can you expect to find inside this new journal? I’d love to break it down for you. Inside the Make Every Day Stellar Gratitude Journal, you will find:

  • A workbook style and size journal
  • Plenty of space to write, draw, doodle, or just vent your thoughts
  • Prompts to guide you every day for 31 days so you begin to start a new habit
  • Affirmations at the end of each day to say out loud and/or to write them down
  • Notes from me throughout the book encouraging you each step of the way

This is a simple journal that is designed to help you move into a space of gratitude without overwhelm. My hope is that it will start a practice for you every day that becomes effortless eventually. If you find yourself in a perpetual pattern of negativity, I want to help you change that. I felt stuck for so long because I was making this process of shifting my mindset too hard. I often would “count my blessings” but I never fully understood how deeply gratitude encourages our success.

Make Every Day Stellar 31 Day Gratitude Journal

I’ve never met a wildly successful business owner who didn’t say that gratitude was a giant part of their mindset and the reason why they thrive so well.

So I began to put it into practice in my own life, and now I have put those tools that I use and know into a book created for you to begin on your own journey too. I would LOVE to have you join me!

The Make Every Day Stellar 31 Day Gratitude Journal is available on Amazon and you can head on over and grab yours for the best price I can offer right now!

I know that it’s going to bless you, and my hope and prayer is that as you go through this gratitude journal, you begin to flourish, thrive and you watch everything in your life begin to elevate.

Join me now and grab yours today! Let’s do this!

Thanks for being here,
Jess xo

Make Every Day Stellar Gratitude Journal 31 Days

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