31 Ways To Make Every Day Stellar

31 Ways To Make Every Day Stellar

If you struggle to find ways to make your days full of joy, I have a few ideas for you! No matter what, it’s up to YOU how you spend your days. And finding small ways to make them awesome is where it’s at. After all, life is make up of moments, big and small, and it’s what we do with those moments that matter! Find one simple joy to repeat every day OR go straight down the list and try something new. Here are 31 Ways To Make Every Day Stellar.

31 Ways To Make Every Day Stellar

31 Ways To Make Every Day Stellar

1. Enjoy Gourmet Gum
2. Write in a gratitude journal
3. Take a break from social media for the day
4. Stay hydrated with your favorite water bottle
5. Wash your face with LumiSpa
6. Try a new body wash in your shower
7. Take a walk
8. Get an ice cream cone
9. Listen to your favorite album
10. Get a pedicure
11. Apply Powerlips, even if you’re staying home
12. Journal with your favorite gel pens
13. Make your Christmas list (for you or your kids!)
14. Watch your favorite movie
15. Snack on peanut M&Ms
16. Bake some yummy muffins
17. Buy yourself flowers
18. Take a nap
19. Make or buy an iced coffee
20. Workout
21. Play a board game with your family
22. Soak up the sun outside
23. Play catch with your kids or family
24. Read your Bible
25. Recite affirmations
26. Make a healthy smoothie
27. Go to Trader Joe’s
28. Do a great mud mask
29. Diffuse your favorite essential oils
30. Take a bath and add bath bombs
31. Do a breathing session with Wim Hof

There you have it! Mix it up, go in order, or find one thing and repeat it again and again. Whatever you fancy, there are many ways to make every day stellar. Literally, there’s one for every day of the month here in this list! Choosing joy is a choice. It’s not something that’s always easy, but it IS possible even on the hardest of days.

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