4 Questions Answered About Affiliate Marketing

4 Questions Answered About Affiliate Marketing

The idea of affiliate marketing can be really overwhelming. There is a lot of information to know and even MORE products and companies to connect with. Deciding what to do so that you can be consistent with it long enough to make money can be challenging. Today, I will give you 4 Questions Answered About Affiliate Marketing to hopefully help you.

4 Questions Answered About Affiliate Marketing

4 Questions Answered About Affiliate Marketing

1. What is Affiliate Marketing?

It’s really fairly simple. As an affiliate marketer, you sell someone else’s product and earn a commission on each sale. There really isn’t a simpler way to explain that. Commissions can range in prices as do the products. But, if you remain consistent Affiliate Marketing can prove to be a lucrative way to make an income. Especially if you focus on being an affiliate marketer in the right ways.

2. How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

There are many ways to begin. First, you have to start by deciding what products and companies you would like to represent. I would highly recommend partnering with a company who’s products you can absolutely get behind. Promoting something that you’re not the craziest about just to get paid, translates. Choose a company who’s products you love and don’t feel weird about it!

Once you sign up with the company/companies you’re interested in working with, you’ll be given a unique link or code. Every time someone clicks that link or uses that code, you will get a percentage of that sale. Then, you repeat that process as often as you’d like and as many times as appropriate for your brand. One word of caution- don’t expect this to be a get rich quick plan. However, the ability to make a full time income is absolutely there. But consistency is very important if this is a long term plan for you.

3. What Are The Benefits Of Becoming An Affiliate?

One benefit of become an affiliate is that it is time efficient. You get to partner with a company or individual and promote products of theirs that they’ve already created. It’s a great way to help get the word out about other products that have already been made. But, it can also be a really quick way to get started earning an income for you.

Another benefit is that it has the ability to create passive income for you. With tools like Pinterest and other social media channels, sharing your favorite products is easier than ever. When you send your links out into the world, they have the ability to pay you time and time again. With a lot of consistency, it has the potential to grow to something large and well worth the time you put in.

I am a big believer in using Pinterest to help grow my brand and promote the products that I love. The Pinfinite Traffic Bootcamp was a huge contributor to my success. If you’d like to check that out, I can offer 15% off the course with my code STELLAR10 at check out. Check it out HERE.

A third benefit is that you don’t usually have to worry about shipping and delivering the products. When your audience purchase from your unique link, you will get paid your commission. After that, the company typically delivers and packages the products to the customer so that is one less thing you usually have to worry about.

4. How Can I Become An Affiliate Marketer?

There are many ways to start. First, find a product that you love and trust. ONLY promote products that you can fully get behind. There are also many bloggers or content creators who would have courses that you could promote. No matter what, make sure you understand the products or services you are offering so you can explain them well and without hesitation. Being a product of the product is really important here.

Second, you will sign up! Most companies make this process really easy to do. Upon signing up, you’ll have a unique code or link to use that connects you to the company when you promote their products. How these codes and links look may vary, so make sure you fully understand how to use them depending on each company. Then, you can add, embed, or link these codes easily into your website, on Pinterest, or via your social channels.

Next, is the part where you really get to work. Once you are signed up and familiar with the products you can begin promoting them.

Some of the ways you can begin offering them to your audience can be:
  • Reviews
  • Blog Posts
  • How To/Instructional Posts
  • In Your Emails
  • Your Social Media Channels
  • On Pinterest
  • Word Of Mouth

From there, you can track your sales and keep the process repeating itself again and again. It definitely takes some work and doesn’t always build quickly. That can depend on the size of your current audience and your ability to remain consistent. But, with consistency and a willingness to keep going, affiliate marketing can be a GREAT thing to add to your brand.

I have specifically connected myself with a company called Nu Skin. As an affiliate, I have access to a lot of amazing products and get to share those as I see fit. I have a growing team of women who are all connected with this company in order to help enhance their own brand as well. I get to mentor each one of them personally and love working with them.

If you are looking for a way to make extra money with products that you could fall in love with too, this might be a good option for you. If so, leave a comment below and I will be in touch with you.

In conclusion, there are a lot of options with Affiliate Marketing. Finding the best fit for you isn’t always easy. But, with a lot of discernment and careful choosing, you can leap into and industry that is thriving, a lot of fun, and lucrative. Don’t be afraid to do the research and the work in order to build the life you desire to live. It’s possible to make a living this way, especially if you commit to it and do not give up!

Thanks for being here,
Jess xo

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