4 Things To Know About Instagram Reels

4 Things To Know About Instagram Reels

New features have been rolled out inside Instagram, and you need to know about it! This was already in the works, but the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. As Instagram released Reels on their platform, it appears to look like a very close second to Tik Tok! This is good news for Tik Tockers everywhere, and a fun addition for Instagram. Today, I’m sharing 4 Things To Know About Instagram Reels that will help you navigate this new feature.

4 Things To Know About Instagram Reels

4 Things To Know About Instagram Reels

1. It Fills In The Gaps

There is a unique opportunity here. Instagram provides so many ways to get your voice hear on your platform. It’s also easier than ever to build that audience in one place. Gone are the days where you need to spread yourself thin across multiple social media accounts. Instagram Reels fills in the gaps in more than one way.

First, it is a good middle ground between IGTV and Instagram Stories. Reels are short videos very similar to Tik Tok, but they don’t go away in 24 hours like Stories do. Second, it fills in the gap specifically for Tik Tok. Now, you don’t need to focus on building two different audiences on two different platforms. Focus on Instagram which has proven stability, credibility, and longevity.

2. Creative Opportunity

Using Reels inside the Instagram App gives you another creative opportunity to showcase your personality. It’s dynamic and new! There might be an entire audience of people within your target audience who would be impacted greatly by your Reels. Be willing to think outside the box and to put yourself out there. You never know what a feature like this might do for your brand. Therefore, be willing to get creative with the tools that you are given inside Instagram. It’s a creative opportunity so don’t waste any time!

3. How To Access Reels

This part is really simple. Open up your Instagram and as you were going to create a Story. Along the bottom, you should see an option for Reels. When you click on that, it opens up to where you will create your Reel! If you’re familiar with Tik Tok, you’ll realize that Reels is very similar. You can film your video in snippets, add music, filters, stickers, text etc. Plus, the greatest benefit I can see is that it houses all of your content in one place. There is no need any longer for multiple social media accounts. So, dive in and get started with Reels right away!

4. How Can You Use It For Your Business?

Reels is a great addition to the Instagram platform, and a great solution for everyone who loved Tik Tok so much. Using Reels for your business is an experiment at this point, but there is no greater time than now to dive in and start. Here are a few quick ways you can begin to use Reels to promote your business:

  • Create content that resonates with your audience- Stay in step with speaking to your target audience. Think outside the box and create short videos that will speak to them! You can keep track of your views on each video to see which has more engagement easily.
  • Educate with your content- Use this as an opportunity to educate or even show your audience HOW to use the products that you offer. Teaching others is always a win, and it will also be helpful to them.
  • Promote to your blog posts or YouTube Channel- This is another opportunity to get your face in front of the camera so your audience can see YOU. Talk about your blog or YouTube channel so they’ll want to go see more of your content.
  • Showcase products- Similar to stories, this is a GREAT place to showcase your products. These videos are quick and can show off your products in a slightly different light than Stories does.
  • Utilize it to understand your community more- This is a great way to see what your audience wants more of! Get started right away creating good content that your audience will keep coming back for.

In conclusion, creating good content is always a win.

Instagram is giving you an opportunity to expand upon the ability to speak to your target audience. Reels is a great solution for Tik Tok, and and even better way to cohesively resonate with your target audience. You likely spent a lot of time building your Instagram. You were also probably distracted by the “explosive growth on Tik Tok and had to decide where to split your time.

Not anymore! Utilize Reels to enhance your brand. Make it work FOR you, and also FOR your target audience. Reels is a brilliant move by Instagram and they have rolled it out in the perfect time. Keep going and keep building what you started. You can only fail if you quit! I hope this helped you to get excited about using Reels. Hopefully, you have a better understanding of how to use it and are already brainstorming ideas for how it can impact your target audience.

Have A Stellar Day,
Jess xo

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