5 Amazing Lip Colors That You Need For The Holidays

5 Amazing Lip Colors That You Need For The Holidays

As a busy working mom, you don’t always have time to stay up to date on what the latest lip glosses or colors are. And frankly, when you’re in the store it can be overwhelming to choose ones that will work for your lifestyle. You need lip colors for the holidays that will look festive, stay put for hours, and nourish your lips. Thankfully, I’ve got you! Today I am sharing 5 Amazing Lip Colors That You Need For The Holidays.

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5 Amazing Lip Colors That You Need For The Holidays

5 Amazing Lip Colors That You Need For The Holidays

1. Fearless

I’m diving right in and challenging you to wear colors that are bold and will get you noticed this season! Fearless lives up to it’s name and requires you not to be afraid to rock this color. A very bold pink, this would be an unexpected choice this holiday season. And since I am all about choosing the unexpected, I started with this one. I’m wearing Fearless in the photo below. It’s such a fun color to wear. And, it will help you to stand out! You can check it out HERE.

2. Ruler

If you love a good red lip but don’t want it to be too bright, then Ruler is a great option for you. It’s a little more subtle but it still pops. Ruler has a cranberry “hint” to it, giving it a nice vibe for Christmas and the holiday season. If you’re into red but nervous that it’s going to be too bright, then this is a great one to start with. You can check it out HERE.

3. Roar

This Powerlips color is called Roar and for good reason! This is your bold, bright and roaring red. It’s perfect for the holiday season especially if you have electric work parties to attend during the month of December. It compliments most skin tones and will stay on all night. That’s just what you need in a good red! You can check it out HERE.

5 Amazing Lip Colors That You Need For The Holidays

4. Bravery

My daughter this one was named AFTER her. And, that’s the kind of confidence we all need in our lives, amiright? (Her name is Bravery!) This one is still bold but it’s a deeper pink. Pinks are the unexpected choice for the holidays. However, I truly think they have a place during the month of December. Switch it up, be bold and allow yourself to be BRAVE when choosing what you wear this season. You can check Bravery out, HERE.

5. Unleash

This one is wonderful for those day time office parties. Or, even as you head to classroom holiday celebrations with your kids! It’s colorful, playful and adds a splash of festive boldness. Unleash is a great amazing lip color that can be worn from day into night very easily. You can check it out, HERE.

In conclusion, Powerlips is my favorite long lasting lip colors. They are clinically proven to stay on your lips all day. But, they don’t require any special remover when you’re ready to take it off. Just a simple cleanser or makeup remover will do. It’s nourishing to the lips with ingredients like Vitamin E, avocado oil, and beeswax. They don’t sting when applied and dry to a matte finish. However, there are also polishes if you prefer the gloss look. I’ve worn these for over four years and I keep coming back for more. They are the best!

5 Amazing Lip Colors That You Need For The Holidays

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