5 Good Pointers For Social Media

5 Good Pointers for Social Media

As a creative entrepreneur, it can be a challenge to navigate the world of social media. There are many ways to approach the platforms and a lot of options to consider. When you use social media for your business it can seem like the world is well versed in how to navigate each one. Thinking about how to get your message out can be overwhelming and all consuming. Today, I want to share 5 good pointers for social media that will set on the right track to getting great results.

5 Good Pointers For Social Media

5 Good Pointers For Social Media

1. Focus on 2-3 Platforms

You don’t need to be on every platform to be successful. Spreading yourself too thin isn’t a great idea. Consider which 2-3 platforms you like the most and decide to focus your energy there. That doesn’t only mean posting. It also means focusing to learn about those platforms and commit to utilizing them for your brand. It might feel stressful to think that you won’t be found by your audience on every platform. But, really consider where you’re audience is and commit to making the most of those 2-3 platforms.

2. Engage With Your Followers

I see this a lot. A social media profile with really good content, but almost zero engagement. Your audience is following you for a reason. They took the time to not only read your post, but to comment as well. Engaging with your followers is incredibly important. Make sure you respond to every comment on your post. Acknowledge the people who are responding to your content. If you can, go return the favor and comment on their content! It’s called “social” media for a reason. You need to be social! Therefore, engaging with your followers is key to growing a healthy social media presence.

3. Have A Social Media Marketing Strategy

Diving into anything without a plan is never a good idea. Social media is no different. If you don’t understand the platforms you’ve chosen, it’s time to learn how they work. Gone are the days of posting and getting lucky. It’s important to have a social media marketing plan, even if it’s very simple. Don’t overcomplicate this! When you have a plan, you are taking control of your accounts. You aren’t blindly posting. You are posting with a purpose.

I teach a very simple social media marketing strategy in my 1:1 VIP Consulting Course. Also, I offer Target Audience Worksheets that will help you develop a social media marketing strategy that can been applied to any platform. It’s important to have a plan. You can search Pinterest for all the tips you need and you can learn by trial and error. But, I can help you quickly to come up with a plan for who your target audience is and how to post on your platforms to effectively attract them to you. Contact me HERE for more info!

4. Quality Over Quantity

Often times entrepreneurs think that they need to post a lot in order to be seen. And while I don’t think there’s anything wrong with posting often, it’s not necessarily going to get you “seen”. The algorithms determine how you show up in the feeds of your followers and elsewhere. And it is wildly determined upon engagement. It would be better for you to post 2-3 times a week and get a lot of engagement on those posts, then every day and have no one respond. Make sure you are considering the quality of every post that you are about to put up.

When you are truly adding value to your potential customers and followers, they will enjoy engaging with your accounts. Make it easy for them to want to respond each time you post. Add a call to action. Invoke emotion so they are driven to want to work with you more. Be authentic in each and every post. Relate to your target audience and provide solutions to the problem that you solve for them. When you provide quality over quantity, you might find that it takes a little longer to post. But, your posts will be better overall and will impact your followers in greater ways.

5. Don’t Pay For Engagement & Followers

This can be a really tempting thing to do for many entrepreneurs. But, I would highly suggest NOT falling victim to this one. True, it can appear to boost your numbers almost immediately. Instead of 1,000 followers now you have 100,000 and on the surface, that does look better. But, I can tell immediately which accounts have paid for engagement and followers. Paying for these things can hurt your credibility especially with brands that are potentially looking to work with you.

Instead, commit to growing your brand and your following authentically. Yes, it takes longer. It absolutely takes more work. But do you know what? It’s REAL. Real engagement is more important than engagement that is produced by bots. Using bots is a short term quick fix that won’t get you anywhere. It can be tempting to grow your account quickly, but don’t fall prey to this. It’s a waste of money, time AND credibility. Therefore, commit to growing your platforms authentically and really putting the work in. You will have an engaged and REAL audience who not only only reviews your content, but who purchases from you as well!

These five simple tips are ones that you can begin to change immediately on all of your profiles. Social media doesn’t need to be overcomplicated. When you hone in on a few important strategies, you can use these tools to attract your ideal audience. Remember, you don’t need the “entire pie” to be successful. You only need a little slice that can still equate to a giant business for yourself. Targeting the right audience is key. So, getting really good at using social media in just these few simple ways can be really important to the growth of your business.

I’d love to continue to encourage you. Head on over to my social channels to connect with me there. I am on Instagram the most and would love to see you there!

Have A Stellar Day,
Jess xo

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5 Good Pointers For Social Media

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