5 Myths About Running A Business

5 Myths About Running A Business

It seems like social media is full of women running their own businesses who make it seem so effortless. With hashtags like #bossbabe and #mompreneur it can be easy to glamorize the entrepreneur life and to assume it is simple. Today, I want to share 5 Myths About Running A Business that are good to know before you start.

5 Myths About Running A Business

Myth #1- You Will Have Much More Free Time As A Business Owner

It’s true that as an entrepreneur your time belongs 100% to YOU. But, having tons of free time is a myth. As a business owner, I have to be more disciplined with my time than ever. Business owners can have the ability to take time off or take breaks at any point, but being disciplined with your time is how to make that possible. If you don’t utilize your time well, then you are the one who suffers as well as your business and possibly your family.

As your business grows, you might be able to develop the time freedom you desire for yourself. This is the goal for most entrepreneurs but having free time doesn’t usually happen at first. Starting out, you can design your days and work anywhere you’d like to, BUT it’s a lot of work. A helpful tip? Invest in a Day Designer like THIS ONE to help encourage you to stay organized, time blocking, and ahead of schedule.

Myth #2- Running A Business Is So Easy

There are easy parts to starting any business, but being an entrepreneur is anything but. It can be appealing to so many people but at the end of the day, only a very small percentage of people do it AND are successful at it long term. Everything about business falls onto your shoulders and if you don’t do the work, then you don’t get paid.

It’s easy to start in many cases. It’s even easier to dream up the desire to be an entrepreneur. But when the rubber meets the road, running a business of any kind takes determination, organization, and motivation like never before. A helpful tip? Adding fun things into your day keep you going helps. Although small, my favorite Starbucks tumbler or my favorite lip color Determined helps to keep me going!

Myth #3- Anyone Can Be Their Own Boss

I do not ever want to discourage anyone from diving in and giving a go at being an entrepreneur! If you have the dream, by all means give it a try. However, if anyone could do it, everyone would. And not everyone does. It takes an entrepreneurial minded person who’s committed long term to have what it takes.

If you are coachable, seeking out mentors, want it badly enough AND are willing to never give up then entrepreneurship might be for you! A helpful tip? Be committed to remaining coachable. Learning and failing is a part of the process. Be stubborn with your goals but fluid with your methods. If you want to achieve your dreams badly enough, quitting is the only way to truly fail!

Myth #4- You Don’t Have To Be On Social Media

Here’s the truth: To be successful in business today, you NEED to have some sort of presence on social media. Whether you own a brick and mortar storefront or not, your absence on social media will be crucial. Your inability to reach a larger market beyond your immediate city will be critical to the growth of your business. Social media NEEDS to be a part of every entrepreneurs marketing strategy.

These different platforms online allow you to connect with your clients and customers in ways we never could before in current generations. And the truth? Your customers are spending a lot of time on social media and they need to be able to find you there. A helpful tip? If you’re currently not on social media then Pinterest is a great place to start! I went through the Pinfinite Traffic Bootcamp to help me grow my business and it helped me remarkably.

You can move into Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms as well but Pinterest is a visual search engine that can begin to drive real traffic to your business.

Myth #5- You Will Make Money Right Away

While it’s true that you can begin earning money right out the gate, it’s not always the case. Even if you do make money right away, it likely won’t be an entire income streaming in from the beginning. Could it happen? Well, sure! I’m a big believer that anything is possible! But I’ve watched too many people start a side hustle, grow anxious and very discontent with their 9-5 and then up and quit to do their side hustle full time.

While quitting your job to go out on your own is a great goal, it can take a little while to make that happen. Making enough money to quit your job can absolutely happen, it just might not happen right away. Building a business takes time, consistency, and patience. Commit to keep going on days when you get discouraged. Business will always ebb and flow, but it’s what you do when the moments get tough that determine how successful you will be. A helpful tip? Practicing gratitude really is essential. Grab my Make Every Day Stellar 31 Day Gratitude Journal to help you develop a habit of gratitude as you build your business.

If you desire to be or remain an entrepreneur, lean into these myths. Don’t let them fool you and don’t allow them to scare you. If you were made for this, this will be your path! And no matter what myths there are, they can be beat! They can be overcome and you absolutely have what it takes to achieve your dreams!

You just can’t give up!

Have A Stellar Day,
Jess xo

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