5 Reasons You Should Start A Blog

5 Reasons You Should Start A Blog

One of the top questions I get when it comes to building a brand online is, “Should I start a blog?” To which then I say, “Yep.” Then, followed by the question, “But, isn’t blogging dead?”

It is the furthest thing from dead. I wish more people knew and understood this!

Blogs are still extremely effective. However, most people are willing to start a blog but not willing to run it long term to see the success they desire. If you’re a working mom, especially an entrepreneur, there are many reasons that starting and running a blog can be very helpful to your brand. Today, I’m sharing 5 Reasons You Should Start A Blog. Even though I should note- there are likely hundreds of other reasons besides what I’ve listed here.

5 Reasons You Should Start A Blog

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5 Reasons You Should Start A Blog

1. Sharing Your Story

The biggest hurdle you might be considering is what to write about. I hear it all the time.

Jess, I’m not a writer. Or What would I even have to say? Or Who would ever even read it?

And let me tell you something- you would be incredibly surprised! Out of the billions of people on the planet, you have an incredible story that is worth sharing to the world. Even if only a small fraction of people came to your blog to read about where you’re been and what you’re learning, that’s a lot of people you could help!

Whether you’re sharing tips about the industry you’re in or blogging journal style, the sky really is the limit for what you can share and who you can reach. Your story matters and if you have a passion (or even just a small inkling) for wanting to share it with others, blogging is a great place to start to explore that.

2. Leadership & Influence

Since a blog is technically a series of smaller articles all collected in one place, it’s a great way to build leadership and influence.

But I don’t have leadership or influence, you’re thinking.

Maybe not yet. But that’s why I said it’s a great way to BUILD those things. Think about it. You have strengths and passions. There are things that you are great at and you definitely can start to speak to those things. There will ALWAYS be someone who is just starting out in the exact field you are in. Don’t let the fear of not being a long term expert hold you back. You will get there. You have to start somewhere.

Plus, it will help you to put everything you know in one place which is why this is one of the 5 Reasons You Should Start A Blog.

5 Reasons You Should Start A Blog

3. Making Money

So many people get into blogging to make money. And newsflash- you CAN make money with it! There are so many ways to make this work for. There’s sponsorships, affiliate marketing, promoting your services or even digital products. On average, pro bloggers who stick with it make around $185,975. Affiliate marketers, most of which are also bloggers, make an average of $20,000 a year in completely passive income.

Sponsored posts alone can bring in an average of $1,442 per blog post. That’s for ONE blog post. Obviously, you have to hone in your bloggings skills a bit, build your audience and stay consistent to start generating this kind of income. However, it’s entirely possible.

4. Promote Your Brand Or Business

Current business owners ask me all the time about starting a blog. They wonder if it’s too late or if it’s going to be too much work. Here’s the deal: It’s not too late and it will be work.

BUT, if you already have a brand or business, a blog is an excellent way to promote it! Given the fact that you can share as often as you want on your blog, promoting it then becomes an endless supply of information that targets your exact audience. And, you will be able to share in more details about things that you might not have room for on your website or even social media.

Promotion is power. And, when you have full control of your little corner of the internet with the information you’d like to put out there, this one is a no brainer.

5. Build A Business

Maybe you don’t have a current business to promote. And that’s ok because blogging can be a business all on it’s own. Many people have a blog in place of a regular website (like me!). And while that’s not ideal for everyone, there are plenty of bloggers who’s sole focus is blogging. So much so, that it’s become their full or part-time business. If you’re wondering if it’s possible for you, it IS. Blogging is big business. And, it’s not too crowded for you. Blogs are still growing at an exponential rate with “how to start a blog” still at the top of all searches on Google and Pinterest.

I absolutely love blogging. There are hundreds more reasons as to why you should just go for it. I get it though. It seems like a big endeavor and at the beginning, it is. However, I truly believe that it’s a great addition to any brand or business. It adds so many opportunities and options to what’s possible for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Will you start a blog today? If so, I’d love to hear about it! Connect with me on Instagram or on Pinterest and let’s cheer each other on!

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5 Reasons You Should Start A Blog

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