5 Ways To Boost Your Instagram Bio

5 Ways To Boost Your Instagram Bio

Social media is a great way to get the word out about your business. While it can seem like an oversaturated market, there are a few key things to know that can help you thrive. If you are overwhelmed with social media as a creative entrepreneur, you are not alone. But, it doesn’t take very much to enhance your social media platforms and really boost sales and traffic. There are many ways to get the word out about your awesome business. Today, I want to share 5 Ways To Boost Your Instagram Bio to help you get seen.

5 Ways To Boost Your Bio On Instagram

Instagram is one of the largest social networking sites, but many people are intimidated by it. It seems like theres a lot to know and a lot of small business owners are either approaching the platform incorrectly or not at all. With a few minor changes though, you can utilize Instagram to promote your business and your brand.

One easy change that you can do immediately is to pay attention to your bio. Your Instagram bio is a 30 second window that allows followers to decide if they want to engage in what you’re offering. There isn’t one right way to do this. But, there are several tweaks that you can make to maximize the results that you’re looking for. One of those ways is with your bio on Instagram.

5 Ways To Boost Your Instagram Bio

1. Engage your audience by touching on a pain point

You only have 150 characters to make a good first impression inside your bio. Touching on a pain point will speak directly to your target audience. Not only that, but it will help them decide quickly if you are the one that is going to solve that problem for them. A good place to start is to use the formula, “I help _______ to _______ with _______.” Explaining to your desired audience who you help, what you help them with, and how you solve the problem is key. It will show potential clients and followers that you have a plan and that you know exactly how to help them.

2. Position yourself as their solution

Confidence will go a long way here. You have a solution for them, so confidently offer it to them. Don’t shy away from the areas of expertise that you have! You have the solution they are looking for, and so that needs to be in your bio. When someone finds you through the abyss of social media, your bio and grid should make it easy for them to follow you and move to purchasing what you have to offer. Therefore, positioning yourself as their solution and greatest option is key here.

3. Use descriptive words that will resonate with your target audience

Every industry has certain key words and buzz words. Make sure you use them if appropriate! Don’t give any room for anyone to question what it is that you do. If you know how to help your target audience and you have good solutions for them, then make sure you represent that in your bio. Being crystal clear is really important. You don’t want them to read your bio and to feel confused as to whether you are truly the one that can help them. So, make sure that the words you are using inside your bio truly resonate with your dream client.

4. Be relatable

Instead of cramming in every single offer that you have and platform that you’re on, make room to relate. Being relatable is one of the easiest ways to build trust. And building trust as a business owner is essential these days. For example, I love coffee. Specifically iced coffee on the daily in my Starbucks tumbler. You can see it sprinkled throughout my grid and it is a relatable aspect for most busy women. You can see that I also mention that in my bio. By opting in to follow me, I’m showing you that you’re going to get a lot of really rad, inspiring, encouraging content. But, I’m also going to relate to you because I am only a human and need just as much coffee as you do to make all of this happen.

Do you see? Being relatable by far exceeds being a know-it-all expert. If you can do anything, start by being relatable. It’s warm, welcoming, influential, and also true. Plus, it’s showing them a piece of who you are as a human! Everyone wants to feel like they can relate to someone, especially someone who can potentially solve a problem or two that they have.

5. Give a call to action

Providing a call to action is important because it moves them to doing something. It moves them to action. What good will it do if you have 1,000 people following you but not one single person is buying the products or services that you offer? You want your bio to entice them to follow you, yes. But beyond that, you want them to take action and begin partnering with your brand.

If you can, I always recommend offering something for free. What value can you give away for free to help them begin to trust you? Whether it be a short e-book, a printable, a discount, or another option, giving something away for free is an easy way to move them to action. Regardless, a call to action is a small way to ask them to step into trusting you. I offer a weekly newsletter called The Stellar Mid-Week that is PACKED with free weekly resources for creative entrepreneurs. I deliver the best I have to offer to those who have opted into that resource and make it something that business owners look forward to. Plus, it’s completely FREE.

Instagram doesn’t have to scare you.

It doesn’t have to deter you from building your business on that platform. Once you understand and know a few simple things to change, it actually becomes a lot easier. Strategy is important and so is positioning yourself to be the expert in your niche. But most of all, it’s important to be yourself. When you are truly and authentically yourself, it’s much easier to approach these platforms and to view them as tools. They are tools to help get your message out and to attract your ideal client to you.

In conclusion, make the changes necessary in order to set your brand uniquely apart. Don’t allow yourself to be so stressed out that you aren’t taking action. An Instagram bio can be changed as many times as you’d like! Try one bio out and if you don’t like it, then change it. You have what it takes to attract your ideal client. I hope these 5 Ways To Boost Your Instagram Bio helped you today. You’ve got this!

Have A Stellar Day,
Jess xo

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