5 Ways To Build A Strong Team Culture

5 Ways To Build A Strong Team Culture

Building a strong team has very little to do with material things and has everything to do with the people. So many are striving to figure out how to build strong teams and how to improve team culture because it’s known that a strong team culture in your business is winning. An engaged team member is a productive team member. A happy team member will go the extra mile. Of course, building a team is not easy. Creating a positive team culture requires a very intentional set of steps. Today, I am sharing 5 Ways To Build A Strong Team Culture.

5 Ways To Build A Strong Team Culture

1. Determine Where You Are Now And Where You Want To Be

Take an honest look at what’s going on now and determine the steps you will need to take in order to get to the next level. Determine what decisions you have made that you might have to change in order to get you to where you want to be. Whatever the current culture is – good or bad – is probably a direct reflection of YOU as the leader. If the culture you have right now is lacking in trust, then you have to look at what actions you have taken to contribute to that. Maybe you hired the wrong people, (been there) or maybe you shied away from having difficult conversations with people that you know are causing problems. However, you need to take a hard look at the choices you have made because culture is really built from many different factors. Determine what the root of the problem is, and then push forward to choose differently.

2. Determine What Values You Want In Your Team

Begin to think about what you DO want to see inside your team. If you could have your DREAM TEAM, what quality level of people would be in it? Do they love their families? Are they honest? Are they agreeable and easy to work with? Do they love lifting others up? Are they out to help others succeed? Whatever the list may be, if you don’t currently have a set of team values, it’s vitally important to ponder on and decide these things. Also, it can make for a great team building exercise that could be done together as well!

3. Commit To Follow Through

You have to make a decision to be ALL IN with your business. If your commitment is wavering, your team will FEEL it. Your team will follow your lead, so if you aren’t serious about what you say and what’s important to you – why should your team be? That means that when you’re looking for new team members, it’s important to look for people who have similar values to yours. There will be many times throughout your journey that you will want to give up. You will have others quit on you and leap onto the next shiny opportunity that comes their way. NO EXCUSES. If you want to build a strong team culture you gotta put in the work. Keep going and the right people will stick around long term with you.

4. Clearly Defined Team Purpose

Your team wants to know that what they do actually matters. It can be big or small as long as it has some sort of impact in the bigger picture. You would be surprised to know one of the things that causes drive in people is not the money but actually working towards something bigger than themselves together. So, clarify that purpose with your team and help each person understand why what they do actually matters.

5. Develop A System For Communication

Communication is so vital yet one of the things that most teams struggle with the most. So make it an important part of your work life to communicate and to communicate well. Set up intentional communication systems such as team meetings, one on one meetings and check-ins so that you are able to communicate with your team on things such as team purpose, values and the work itself. When communication is happening regularly, it’s effective. When it’s effective, everyone moves closer towards the goal. Plus, it’s likely loads more fun!

In conclusion, this blog post isn’t going to solve all your team building struggles. It will though, give you a few things to ponder and hopefully implement. Don’t forget that building a team culture will always take time. It takes work, and it takes grit. So don’t give up on it! Keep going and trust that the right people will link arms, join you, and won’t ever give up- just like YOU!

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Make every day stellar!
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