5 Easy Ways To Start Using Pinterest Today

5 Ways To Start Using Pinterest Today

If you’re already on social media, you might be wary of jumping into what appears to be another social platform. You feel like you don’t have enough time for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter let alone adding Pinterest to the mix. What if I told you that the work you do on Pinterest has real potential to drive traffic to your business time and time again? Today, I’m sharing 5 ways to start using Pinterest today to help the traffic to your business soar.

5 Ways To Start Using Pinterest For Your Business

5 Ways To Start Using Pinterest Today

1. Pin Your Own Content Frequently

If you have a blog or a website, it’s important to be adding value often. This helps you to become an authority on the topics that you’re passionate about, and also has the potential to bring new customers your way. Whenever you create new content, it’s essential to make sure you’re pinning your own content frequently. Pinterest is NOT similar to any other social media. No one is going to judge you for promoting your own content. Pinterest is a visual search engine. There IS someone out there searching for YOUR content! So create it, pin it frequently, and get the word out! 

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2. Don’t Be Spammy

Most small business owners are afraid of promoting their business in a way that could be considered spammy. The fact that you’re even thinking that way tells me that you likely won’t be. But it is important to ask yourself if you are spamming people or not. Adding value to every platform should always be the goal. Share your content, and work to repin others’ content as well! Create pins that are visually pleasing to the eye and that align with your brand.

You pins won’t be spammy if the goal is genuinely that you want to help people. Energetically, your motives can translate in a big way here. Center yourself on what your true values are, and then move forward in ways that you can authentically help them. Don’t spam everyone you know just to get a sale. Create content that will bless others and you’ll be ahead of the curve for sure. 

3. Utilize Tailwind

I just jumped onto the Tailwind bandwagon and I should have done it sooner! Even with the free option, it’s been a game changer for my pinning strategy. Tailwind has allowed me to continue to pin at my leisure, but also to schedule certain pins at times that are best for my algorithms. This has helped to boost my traffic and has allowed me to continue to do what I do best- create content! If you’re interested in giving Tailwind a try, you can try it for FREE here.

4. Create Fresh Pins Weekly

It’s important to know that in 2020, Pinterest is interested in seeing new and fresh pins added to the platform! Anytime you write a blog post, start a promotion or create a new product you should be sharing that information to Pinterest. Not only does it truly have the capability to reach thousands of people, but it can directly target your audience. With the use of correct keywords, and using Tailwind to post at the best time of day for you, creating new pins is like magic. Take the time to create new pins weekly to help boost traffic to your website. 

Don’t have time or the desire to create your own pins? I have used Canva for years. I continue to use it for all of my pin designs. If you don’t have time to create new pins OR you don’t feel like  you are very creative, you’re in luck! I’ve created 8 FREE Stellar Pin Designs that are completely editable for you to use for your business. I understand how overwhelming this can be, and I want to help you get pinning as quickly as possible. It’s been a valuable tool for me, and giving that to you as my FREE GIFT is a great way to set you on the right path! Grab your 8 FREE Stellar Pin Designs HERE

8 Free Stellar Pinterest Designs

5. Don’t Leave Your Pin Descriptions Blank

Before you pin anything, make sure that you don’t leave your pin descriptions blank. Give us a short narrative explaining what this pin is about and utilize specific keywords that will help you gain traction. Leaving your pin descriptions blank is a missed opportunity to help them move along further. With keywords, you have the opportunity to get them immediately in front of your very specific target audience. While it can take a little while to figure out, you don’t want to miss out on ANY chance to get the right information to the right people. So fill out those descriptions!

Also keep in mind that hashtags don’t have the same exact impact as they do on Instagram, but they do still have a place. You only need 3-5 hashtags at the end of your description, so make sure they are your best ones. 

I have SO many more things I can share about Pinterest!

I am learning so much and having such a great time navigating this robust platform. There are so many business owners who aren’t utilizing Pinterest to it’s full potential. You can change all of that by just leaning in and starting. It doesn’t have to be scary and overwhelming, but a blessing to your business and brand.

The greatest training I have found to help up level my Pinterest game is the Pinfinite Traffic Bootcamp. I have gone through this online course and it was worth every penny. It won’t break the bank either, which makes it even better. Jen is a genuine business owner who truly loves helping other entrepreneurs build their businesses with Pinterest. The Pinfinite Traffic Bootcamp has been a game changer for me! 

Want more? You can also check out this blog post, 3 Things To Know About Pinterest. There is much to learn, but don’t allow that to hold you back. Dig in, dive in and let’s go!

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