5 Ways To Strengthen Your Mindset

Are you tired of constantly giving up on your goals and dreams because you always find yourself getting sucked back into a negative mindset? I have struggled with a negative mindset for my entire life. I understand what it feels like to have giant goals, but to feel like you’re running through glue to achieve them. Once I fully comprehended how important your mindset truly is, things began to shift for me. I wish I would have known this sooner! Now, I train my team with these tips that I am sharing here with you today. Here are 5 Ways To Strengthen Your Mindset.

5 Ways To Strengthen Your Mindset

5 Ways To Strengthen Your Mindset

1. Let go of the scarcity mindset

A scarcity mindset is believing that your goals and dreams are completely out of your reach. It’s watching the successes of others and realizing that they can do it, but thinking that it could never be you. It’s seeing where there’s “lack” instead of abundance. Adopting a scarcity mindset keeps you so far from the truth because the world is full of abundance. There is enough success, love, money, opportunities, and to favor everyone. Nothing is impossible. Seeing the world through the filter of abundance is something you will need to choose to see daily. But once it shifts, MANY things will begin to shift for you as well.

2. Stop with the negative self talk

Would you talk to the people you love the way you talk to yourself? Changing how you talk to yourself will help to stop the self sabotage. Your brain “hears” everything you think and say. And it will believe whatever you feed it. Why are you choosing negativity? Why are you speaking that over yourself? As you consistently practice this, it will become more natural to counter act those negative thoughts with positive ones. From experience, I can promise you that positive inner dialogue will become natural quickly if you consistently practice. You want positive things in your life and you want to believe you can do it. So start speaking to yourself that way. Because you CAN.

3. Practice gratitude

Taking time practice gratitude has helped my mindset tremendously. It feels counterintuitive at first. Especially if you struggle with anxiety and depression. Likely, there’s things in your life that you wish to be better. So how then will practicing gratitude help? It helps because it focuses your mind on what you DO have, and not the lack. It strengthens your mindset towards abundance and not towards lack. Scarcity mindset will hold you back faster than many things. So working to strengthen your mindset towards gratitude and abundance, is a must.

I created and self published a Make Every Day Stellar Gratitude Journal that will give a jump start for one month, and help you in your mindset daily. You can purchase it HERE.

4. Simplify everything

If you’re overwhelmed, take time to simplify everything. Give your mindset room to breathe. Give yourself ACTUAL room to breathe meaning, simplify your schedule so you can take time to meditate, relax and focus. Meditation isn’t emptying your mind of everything. It’s focusing on one or two postitive things, and allowing it to stay there when other noise comes in. I could do an entire post on meditation (maybe I will soon!), but if your life and schedule isn’t simplified, this is going to be a challenge. You can be busy and still simplify everything. Give yourself space to enjoy life and to allow your mind to heal.

5. Stay consistent

As with anything, consistency is key. There will be days that you will feel like a world champion in this area. And also others where you feel like the world is falling apart. You have to remember that it’s truly NOT falling apart, and that there’s always tomorrow to try again. I often tell my team that those are the days that you need to pour a glass of wine, take a bath, and go to bed! New mercies arrive every morning. Strengthening your mindset doesn’t happen overnight, but it DOES happen with consistency.

No matter where you’re at in this process, give yourself grace! It’s not always easy to strengthen your mindset. In fact, it rarely is. But it IS incredibly worth it for ALL areas of your life. The joy and freedom that I feel having moved into strengthening my mindset more has been life changing. While we never fully arrive and this is always a work in progress, it’s something that every business owner, entrepreneur and creative should prioritize.

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