60 Day Glow Up Challenge

60 Day Glow Up Challenge

Are you ready to LEVEL UP your skincare game? If so, it might be time to take the next 60 days to really double down on creating the best skin you’ve ever had with this 60 Day Glow Up Challenge! Are you in?!

60 Day Glow Up Challenge

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60 Day Glow Up Challenge

Jumping into this challenge will be simple and SO fun. Here are the steps you need to do!

1. Buy your very own LumiSpa iO!

Why is the LumiSpa iO a game changer? It’s innovative skin renewal and deep cleansing with intelligent coaching, personalized regimens, IoT technology—and more—through the Nu Skin Vera® app. Output gorgeous, glowing, selfie-ready skin—all day, every day. In just two minutes, twice a day, you’ll experience your best skin ever. You’ll love your glow-boosting, instantly smoothed look—after just one use—the seven clinically proven skin benefits that amplify over time, and smart technology that helps you personalize your routine. It’ s super intuitive. Super effective. Super-powered.


You’ll need to add a bundle to the purchase of your LumiSpa iO so you can get the cleanser as well as other products that are going to level up your skincare. There’s the Basics Bundle, the Sensitive Bundle, and the Anti-Aging Bundle. You cannot go wrong!

2. Wash Your Face Twice A Day With It

The benefits of using LumiSpa iO abound. It provides instant benefits, so skin feels softer and smoother after just one use. With seven clinically proven facial skin benefits with twice daily use, you’ll experience softness, smoothness, and radiance. Not to mention clarity, purified skin, reduced pore appearance, and visibly improved firmness. It’s the bomb!

60 Day Glow Up Challenge

3. Take Selfies!

I can show you how to download the Vera App, connect your LumiSpa iO and then join the 60 Day Glow Up Challenge! The LumiSpa iO is the first every skincare device that can connect to technology in the ways that it does. You’ll join me in taking selfies on certain days WITH the Vera App and watch your skin drastically change.

4. Rewards

We all have the opportunity to earn a $50 voucher for the greatest skincare transformation. Think you’ve got what it takes? Let’s do it and see!

Wash, wash, GLOW. Every working mom needs a little fun in their life! This is a really great way to do something for yourself that can help your skin to #glowupin60! Who’s in to do this challenge with me? Get your LumiSpa iO today and then request to join my Facebook Group. Upon entry, I will reach out to help you get set up with the Vera app, as well as connect your device and get started.

Ready for this 60 Day Glow Up Challenge? ME TOO. Let’s go.

60 Day Glow Up Challenge

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