A 30 Day Writing Challenge

A 30 Day Writing Challenge

You know what I love? A good challenge.

I’m just kidding, challenges terrify me. My imposter syndrome kicks in and I try to find all kinds of ways to avoid doing the hard things. How’s that for an honest look into my soul? Welcome.

I found a 30 Day Writing Challenge, and something in my soul said that I need to do this. Now, I’m not pressuring myself to publish ALL of these every single day. But, I AM sharing this information here with you because I WILL be publishing some of them. At my leisure.

A 30 Day Writing Challenge

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I was scrolling on Pinterest, as I do. Because I really love Pinterest. It’s a visual search engine that gives you better content than Google, in most cases. I have been changing up how and what I send in my newsletter and have been getting really great feedback.

Which is scary because I’ve been writing memoir style.

I have avoided this type of writing style because I don’t usually and ACTUALLY believe in myself enough. But, I started for whatever reason and it’s really working out. Not only is it working out, but it’s actually inspiring me to write more and more and more. Which I have already done for years but not really in the ways I’ve wanted to.

Or felt confident enough to, rather.

So I was searching on Pinterst while I drank my second Nespresso of the day. Searching memoir topics, inspiration, how to’s and questions. When THIS danced across my screen. Well, it didn’t really dance. It scrolled, I guess technically:

A 30 Day Writing Challenge

I saved it immediately and I knew. This is where I am to put my time on my blog for the next few weeks and see what happens. Not see what happens with analytics, views and income. What happens inside my soul when I learn how to be led by these prompts.

Learning how to be led is something I’m working on.

So in-between writing about my favorite products- (I write about them because everyone needs them, yes correct.)- I’ll be just, you know, WRITING. And I’m sharing it here in case you want to follow along or do it too.

Omg please do it too. If i’m alone in this, then I’m alone. No harm no foul.

But, company is always better. Well, not always. But I have a feeling it will be if you join me. Follow me on Instagram for tips on how to build your confidence on social media. Come along for the ride as I work on my writing skills. Join my newsletter to get a DEEP and EXTREMELY honest dose of my memoir style writing.

You won’t be disappointed.

And if you are, then I’m not for you. To which, I am perfectly ok with.

Thanks for being here,
Jess xo

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