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Hi! I’m Jess. I am a wife, mama, and small business owner. I have been building businesses alongside growing my family ever since I became a mom.

I started the Stellar Day brand in 2011 as a blog which quickly turned into an online magazine that you can still read, HERE. While the Stellar Day brand has gone through many different stages, I finally came back to my original intention with the brand that I started out with in 2011.

And that’s to help every stay at home working mom to Make Every Day Stellar.

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From my experience, being a business owner and a mom who has worked at home since 2009, there are many things that are overwhelming and time consuming. But, we have a choice every day to find the little joys in life and make the most of them!

Joy is a CHOICE.

I choose it every day with gratitude, prayer and by discovering all the amazing little things that make each day awesome. That might be a quick walk outside, my dog, my family, my favorite iced coffee tumbler or my gratitude journal! “Things” aren’t the answer to joy, but life is FUN and if we can find the fun along the way, then are we even living? It’s easy to get bogged day every day when you’re a stay at home working mom. There are so many things that fight for your attention, that it’s often easy to get through each day robotically.

BUT, life is short. And yes, it’s hard and there are real stressors that we face every day. But, we can choose to Make Every Day Stellar no matter what our circumstances are.

And that’s EXACTLY what I’m aiming to do here. Thanks for being here and along for the ride. And if you’ve stuck with me through all the changes of Stellar Day, then you’re the real MVP and I’m forever grateful!

Make Every Day Stellar!
Jess xo

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