Anything Is Possible

Anything Is Possible

Our kids have been praying for a puppy for about seven years. I’m talking, tears rolling down their faces asking Jesus to please bless us with a family dog. Talk about pulling at the hearts strings! I’m not a dog person but I knew eventually that we wanted to help make this dream come true for our family. This short story is a reminder to me and hopefully you, that Anything Is Possible!

Anything Is Possible

Our boys started asking for a dog when I was pregnant with Bravery, who is now 7. I told them that Bravery needed to be at least 3 AND potty trained before I would even THINK about adding a puppy to the mix. Then we downsized in a small apartment for two years. Then Covid and quarantine happened. Then we bought a house. Then we redid the backyard and FINALLY felt somewhat ready. All the while, we continued to pray for God to bless us with the right little pup for our family. I never wanted to rush out and get an animal just because. We started researching breeders and honestly? That is stressful. Who do you trust? Who is being honest? Who is trying to scam us? So we relinquished control and asked God to bring us the exact right puppy for our family.

And He brought us Bear.

Bear is a Maltipoo who needed a new home. His owners loved him a lot but the other two dogs in that home didn’t like Bear. They knew for his safety, he would need a new home. After a whirlwind 24 hours, he was ours. And he is absolutely perfect for us! He is sweet, playful, hardly barks, loves being with us and is SO cute. He came potty trained, kennel trained, vaccinated and healthy. He is friendly, doesn’t bark when the doorbell rings and has brought more joy to our family than I thought possible in a dog. You should have seen our kids weeping when we told them we were considering getting Bear. WEEP.ING.

When you’re manifesting the life you want, sometimes you have to be willing to wait. You have to relinquish control and trust that your dreams will come to you in the perfect time. If you can truly let go and trust all the way, it can happen rather quickly. And the lessons you learn along the way are more valuable than gold.

If we hadn’t been trusting for the right little pup to join our lives, we would have missed out on him. Trusting God to bring blessings to you is the greatest way to live. Get up every day, pray, commit your work and desires to him, get to work and let go of the outcome. He is ready to bless you abundantly (and not always with material things), but you have to be ready and willing to receive and steward it well.

Your dreams can be within your reach. Nothing is impossible for God.

Anything Is Possilble

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