Best Wash Cloths For Sensitive Skin

Best Wash Cloths For Sensitive Skin

I have suffered with acne for my entire life. Even well into my adult life, I have struggled. Thankfully, I have found some simple solutions that have helped me to not only heal my acne but to also reduce the scarring left behind from it.

Having teenagers in the house now, I am constantly looking for ways to reduce the amount that they will struggle with acne. I know how hard it can be! Acne can cause your skin to be so sore and so sensitive. Lately, I found the Best Wash Cloths For Sensitive Skin and I wanted to share them here with you today.

Best Wash Cloths For Sensitive Skin

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Best Wash Cloths For Sensitive Skin

When you have acne prone and sensitive skin, it’s important to find and use products that don’t aggravate it. Which can be hard to do since acne can take on a life of its own. I have been using my LumiSpa for almost five years now, and it is the only skincare routine that has helped my acne to vanish. Not only that, but the breakouts I experience now are far and few between.


I can’t tell you how good it feels to be free of acne! All my thanks goes to LumiSpa, truly.

Now that my teenagers are starting to experience acne, I knew it was time to get them going with their own LumiSpa experiences. We use LumiSpa, Glacial Marine Mud Mask, and this Blemish Treatment to ward off the acne.

With teen hormones racing, this is a complicated journey but we are navigating through it!

What I have found though, is that the type of wash cloths we use really make a difference. The ones I have aren’t as soft and gentle as they need to be. And, with acne prone skin, that can really be painful. I did a quick Amazon search and found THESE micro fleece, super soft wash cloths and boy are they amazing!

Best Wash Cloths For Sensitive Skin
Micro Fleece Extra Soft Wash Cloths

Technically, they are wash cloths for babies. But, if they’re soft enough for a baby, then they will work marvelously for acne. And they do! These wash cloths are high absorbent, very comfortable and remove dirt and debris easily. If you have acne or any kind of sensitivity, these are the Best Wash Cloths For Sensitive Skin.

If you’re interested in snagging your own, check them out HERE. And if you’re ready for more information about LumiSpa, then head to THIS link. You won’t regret it; it’s the best decision I could have made for my skin!

Thanks for reading my product review! I love sharing things that I love and that can help you to make every day stellar. Material things truly don’t matter and it’s not where our joy is found. But, while we are living on this earth it’s sure fun to have things to help make the days easier! I hope this helped you in some way too.

Even if it just makes you smile. 🙂

Have A Stellar Day,
Jess xo

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