9 Simple Ways To Boost Your Mindset Daily

9 Simple Ways To Boost Your Mindset Daily

Running a business full or even part time can be so exhausting. Burn out is a real thing and it’s easy to slip into workaholic mode. I have 9 Simple Ways To Boost Your Mindset Daily to help prevent this. Many business owners assume that they need to be working 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to be successful. As a result, the thought of taking any time off can feel really overwhelming. It can be challenging to find time to take care of yourself.

I am sharing 9 Simple Ways To Boost Your Mindset Daily in order to help you prevent burnout way before it happens.

It can be really fun to work your business around the clock for a time, especially when you love what you do. Making money can be really fun and it’s easy to get caught up in the desire to get your business out there. Often times though, we become lopsided and forget what it means to work to live and not live to work. When you don’t intentionally carve time out to develop your mindset or to just breathe, that’s the first step in creating burnout in your life.

9 Simple Ways To Boost Your Mindset

Mindset is essential to running a successful business and if you are the CEO, you won’t have anyone reminding you to do that for yourself. This has been something that I have had to learn through the years as an entrepreneur. As a full time wedding photographer, I glorified being busy. I didn’t realize that then, but looking back I see that I thrived on little sleep and managing so much. As a result, I had to teach myself how to develop my mindset daily to prevent burnout from happening again.

So, what are some basic things that can be done every day that will help you with your mindset? I do these 9 things daily and they are simple, but so effective.

9 Simple Ways To Boost Your Mindset Daily

1. I aim to get 8 hours of sleep every night.

It’s not a perfect science, but it is a goal to aim for. Getting less sleep makes me exhausted, moody and emotional. I recently got a Fitbit Charge 3. It tracks sleep patterns and helps me to see how much sleep I get every night. Being rested can help you think with a clear mind and make better decisions throughout the day.

2. I drink over 100 oz of water every day.

Being hydrated is healthy and helps your brain to function well. Consuming your bodyweight in caffeine might seem necessary, but it’s only hurting you in the long run. I found Cupanion and it helps me to stay hydrated throughout the day, but also gives back every time you fill up your water bottle. Using the app to scan the barcode on your water bottle, you can help provide clean water to different projects globally. It’s pretty cool that you can stay hydrated, boost your mindset, AND give back at the same time. That’s a win!

3. I move my body every day.

It has been challenging with the quarantine and everything else we have been living through in 2020. I downloaded the Walk At Home app and aim to do a walk inside my living room every or every other day. My Fitbit tracks my steps, calories, and heart rate and I feel good moving my body. Exercise is necessary to helping boost your mindset, but finding the time can be a real challenge. Tracking my steps daily helps me with this, and finding a simple workout that can be done quickly was essential.

4. I take my vitamins every day.

There might be many nutrients you’re missing out on in your body, so it’s important to talk to your doctor about this one. As a normal part of my day, I take my Flo Vitamins to help with my cycle. I take Optimum Omega with is good for a healthy immune, heart, and joint function. Also, I take Tegreen which supports healthy cell function and structure by neutralizing harmful free radicals. I also take vitamin D and a b12 vitamin. The right vitamins can help support your body and mind, so make sure you find the best ones for you. These are only my recommendations that I take personally.

5. I have an iced coffee no matter what.

This might seem silly, but it’s something I look forward to every day. It’s a treat that I make from home, and it’s a simple joy that’s added to my day. Using a simple espresso maker, an affordable brand of espresso and my favorite Starbucks tumbler, this little treat brightens my mindset up daily! Make sure you sign up for The Stellar Mid-Week because I am sharing my favorite iced coffee recipe with you to help keep your week flowing!

6. I read my Bible every morning.

Even if I can take just a few minutes, this helps focus my mind on things above this earth and helps me to keep a fresh perspective. If you aren’t particularly spiritual or religious, you can always replace this time with other readings, affirmation reciting, or just take a few minutes of silence for gratitude. If you need a good tool, I released a gratitude journal that can help you through this portion or your day.

7. I read a chapter from a book I’m currently reading.

I’m not going to lie, it’s been harder and harder to accomplish this during this season of 2020. But, I do love to read and so I try to squeeze it in when I can. Currently, I am reading Dare To Lead by Brene Brown and it is excellent!

8. I wash my face every morning and night.

Taking good care of my skin has become an important part of my day and an important way that I protect my mindset. I have used my LumiSpa morning and night for over three years now, and it’s the best investment that I could ever have purchased for my skin. It provides a mini 2 minute facial twice daily, and applies 7 key benefits to my skin. It cleanses my skin, purifies, boosts collagen, and reduces the pore size- all in two minutes! I apply my favorite moisturizer afterwards and it’s the quickest routine with the greatest results that I have ever found. Plus, it helps me to feel and look my best and it keeps me refreshed.

9. I meditate and recite affirmations.

Using the Headspace app for ten minutes a day can be extremely beneficial to boosting your mindset. It’s proven that meditation can be extremely good for your mindset, your heart, and your body as a whole. This practice has helped me to focus on gratitude and to practice taking my thoughts captive so I don’t live in a negative cycled mindset any longer. Plus, I recite affirmations daily that have helped to retrain my brain to think more positively. You can check out my Pinterest board titled AFFIRMATIONS where I save many affirmations that I use daily.

Does this seem like a lot? These aren’t things that I decided to do every single day all at once. I took time to listen to myself and to decide what would help elevate my mindset the most. When I recognized a healthy habit, I made sure to implement it every day.

What can you begin to do today that will help you form positive daily habits? If you can, commit to implementing a few of these things today that can begin to help elevate your mindset. You will find that you are able to accomplish much more in your business when your mind and body are healthy and functioning at it’s best. You will no longer feel like you’re stretched too thin, and life will feel a little lighter!

Make every day stellar!
Jess xo

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