Branding Your Business and Why It's So Important

Branding Your Business And Why It’s Important

In today’s day and age it’s easier than ever to build a personal brand. It can also feel like it’s harder than ever to stand out. Building a brand feels really ambiguous, overwhelming, and all consuming. Designing logos and building websites might not be your forte, so you give up before you hardly start. What you might not realize is that branding doesn’t have to be complicated. Today I’m going to shed some light on branding your business and why it’s important.

First, I think it’s important to define what branding is. So what IS branding? Branding is a way to identify your business and to set yourself apart from everyone else. It encompasses your core values and the mission of your business at heart. Building a foundation for your brand might not be the most exciting but it is the most important. Branding your business is about taking all the information that makes up your brand and turning it into tangible items.

Branding Your Business And Why It's Important

Branding Your Business And Why It’s Important

1. It makes a great first impression

In today’s Information Age, you only have a few seconds to quickly grab the attention of onlookers who might be in need of your services. When you have a cohesive brand, it can make a good first impression and easily draw people to you. As a result, customers can come to you with ease and you can spend more time focusing on what it is you have to offer them.

2. Good design builds trust

You don’t have to be a brilliant designer to build trust with your brand. Your branding doesn’t need to be fancy or outrageous. Good branding that is well thought out and that makes sense for your business will begin to build trust with potential customers immediately. So, you’ll be able to guide them efficiently to the services you offer instead of trying to convince them to stick around in the first place. When you build trust with your customers, they will become loyal to you and your brand. Loyal customers are one way to build a healthy business that has a solid foundation.

3. Brand recognition

People are typically creatures of habit. Developing a brand that you customers can recognize helps to build that trust with you as well. It gives them something familiar to come back to and familiarity that they can grow to love. When you can create brand recognition inside your business, it only strengthens the foundation that you’re building with your brand. When customers recognize your branding by the familiar elements inside of it, they will choose your business over any other more often than not. People like what’s familiar and easy. They like what they know. As a result, developing a consistent brand for your business will only help your customers to recognize what you have to offer over the competition.

4. Differentiation

When building your brand it’s important to ask yourself this question. How do you do things differently than your competitors? What sets you apart from other businesses? How are you using the elements of your brand to create an experience for all of your customers? It’s important to think outside the box but it’s equally important to stay true to what you’re trying to accomplish with your business. Because of this, it’s important to know what your competitors are doing but only so you can focus on what sets you apart in your industry. Your branding is an important way to help you stand out and to show your potential customers the areas that you are different in.

5. Remaining memorable

Everyone loves a great experience with a fun business. When you create memorable moments with your branding, your customers will remember that. They will remember AND they will share those experiences with their friends and family. Referrals are such a valuable way to spread the word about your business. If you can create an experience that’s memorable and fun for your customers, they will love to come back to you again and again. It can all start with your brand as you provide an experience with your customers from beginning to end that shows who you are, your values, and provides a great service for them.

Building a personal brand for yourself and your business is no longer the wave of the future. It is essential for anyone to be focusing on right now. If you’re overwhelmed at the thought of it all, it’s not too late! Branding your business even in small ways can move your forward faster than without cohesiveness.

Branding your business and why it's important

Free Branding Questionnaire!

I’ve created a short Branding Questionnaire that you can download below today that will begin to help you move towards building a solid brand for your business. It’s a simple tool that will allow you to get all of your thoughts out onto paper, and get you thinking about a few key things that might be essential as you grow the business of your dreams. Without the right branding, it can be harder to get your message across and harder to earn trust with the clients you are trying to attract.

No matter what, building a business doesn’t need to be hard. Building a brand doesn’t have to be frustrating. These things are important but it’s key to remember to keep is simple and fun! If you’re having fun in your business, that will translate through everything that you do. All other aspects of your business can be figured out, tweaked, and managed as you build. Stop stressing out over whether or not you are doing things perfectly. Everything is figureoutable and branding your business is no different!

Sign up below to receive the Branding Questionnaire today! I would love to continue to help you build a great business that will help serve others as well as create a solid and lucrative income for you and your family. I’m also available to help you one on one via my 1:1 VIP Consulting Program to help you determine who your target audience is and begin to develop your brand. Check out this post to see those details and how you can apply for the program.

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