31 Ways To Make Every Day Stellar

If you struggle to find ways to make your days full of joy, I have a few ideas for you! No matter what, it’s up to YOU how you spend your days. And finding small ways to make them awesome is where it’s at. After all, life is make upRead More →

Anything Is Possible

Our kids have been praying for a puppy for about seven years. I’m talking, tears rolling down their faces asking Jesus to please bless us with a family dog. Talk about pulling at the hearts strings! I’m not a dog person but I knew eventually that we wanted to helpRead More →

5 Ways To Practice Gratitude Every Day

Being stuck inside a perpetual state of misery can be really challenging to break out of. When your mindset isn’t strong, everything can seem overwhelming. Often times, being an entrepreneur might not turn out to be what you dreamed it to be, and that can take a big toll onRead More →