Staying consistent in your business

Why You Should Stay Consistent Even When You Don’t Want To

Being an entrepreneur is hard. If you’ve been one for longer than 30 days, you understand the high highs, the low lows, and everything in between. You are keenly aware that all of this sits on top of your shoulders and that without a direct boss, a consistent paycheck that comes from a 9-5 job, and days that can suck, it’s easy to say, “I’m not doing this today.” You wake up every single day and you have a choice. It’s a chance to make decisions to move your vision forward or another day to let it slip by.

As an entrepreneur, you will have days and tasks on your to do list that you’d rather not face. You never envisioned yourself actually doing the hard stuff. You started your business for the fun parts! Unfortunately, running a business isn’t a total walk in the park and there will be parts of the job that you won’t want to do.

BUT, this is a limiting mindset! Consistency inside your business is so important no matter what stage of the business you’re building in. Consistency will move you forward and help you keep your head in the game. Doing something consistently every day provides your brain with the ability to develop habits and NOT procrastination. When you procrastinate, you are essentially telling yourself that you aren’t worth it. That you’re ideas aren’t worth building.

And that is a TRAGEDY.

When you wake up and don’t feel like checking the boxes off of your to do list and you do it anyways, you are communicating that you ARE worth it. You are communicating that you can do hard things and that you will never give up on you.

Consistently building your business every day is the key to building anything worthwhile. Nothing was ever achieved in a day. It is a series of consistently showing up daily, even and especially on the days that you don’t want to. You have to ask yourself:

What do you really want?
Why did you start your business?
Are you willing to push yourself long enough to delay instant gratification in order to get what you truly want?

Here’s a few things that have helped me:

  1. Make a weekly to do list. List out everything that you need to get done that week from the most important to the least important. In our April Issue of Stellar Day Magazine, you can read an article by Kate Williams, all about Time Blocking that can help you with this very thing. It starts on page 11.
  2. The night before, plan a daily to do list that you will accomplish the next day. It will allow you to wake up and know exactly what you need to do that day!
  3. When it starts to get hard, decide and commit to doing one more thing. Check one more thing off the list until you can honestly say that you’ve given it your all that day.
  4. When you hit your wall, learn how to rest not to quit. I always tell my team to have a glass of wine, take a bath, and go to bed. Sleep is such an important way to reset your mind. What seemed impossible today won’t seem so big tomorrow. Make your list for tomorrow and decide to keep going.

I don’t give up on myself and you shouldn’t either. Consistency reminds you that even if you move slow, at least you’re moving! Don’t sabotage all the work you’ve already done simply because it got challenging. You can be consistent every day and in case no one has told you this- you CAN be successful! Just go for it!

Make every day stellar!
Jess xo

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