Discover Your Target Audience Worksheets

Discover Your Target Audience Worksheets

If you have started a new business or side hustle, I want to start by congratulating you. It can take a lot of guts to start something new, and I am so proud of you! Once you launch though, it can be a bit overwhelming. Many people get started and then get stuck because they aren’t exactly sure who they were speaking to, to begin with.

Today, I want to help you actually target the audience that you desire to target. I have created an amazing resource for you at a rock bottom price that will help you move into selling to your audience. I will help you increase traffic across all boards and attract your ideal client. Today, I am launching a digital product that will help get very clear on who your audience is.

I’m excited to announce the new Discover Your Target Audience Worksheets for creative entrepreneurs!

Discover Your Target Audience

So, inside these worksheets you will:

  • Begin to narrow down who your target audience is
  • Discover what their pain points are
  • Brainstorm ways to begin to solve their problems
  • Begin to understand what your ideal client needs
  • Create topics for your social media
  • Receive a template to help you organize your grid
Discover Your Target Audience Worksheets

These are very similar templates to the ones I use when I consult my clients in person. Creating resources to help creative entrepreneurs is something I am passionate about! Anyone can start a successful side hustle with the right tools and a consistent mindset. I’ve seen so many creative entrepreneurs who were passionate about what they started give up simply because it seemed too hard. However, I believe that business doesn’t have to be hard. It can be fun, life giving, and it can provide for your family easily.

You landed here on this blog for a reason. Whether you’re just getting ready to start or you feel stuck in the muck of creating a business, I want to help you! Currently, the Discover Your Target Audience Worksheets are only $8! Available digitally, you’ll receive these worksheets immediately and can move into discovering who your target audience is. Knowing this information for your brand is key. Because, once you know who you’re speaking to you can begin to target them directly and attract them to you.

If you’re ready, purchase these worksheets HERE to get started today!

Are you ready?! Download the Discover Your Target Audience Worksheets today! You deserve to have a thriving business and I want to help you get there.

Have A Stellar Day,
Jess xo

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