An Easy Dinner Option For Busy Moms In Scottsdale

Easy Dinner Out For Busy Working Moms In Scottsdale

I don’t know about you, but dinner time is often a struggle. Not because I can’t cook, but because I don’t want to. After a full work day, accomplishing chores, taking care of the kids AND trying to implement self care, there are some days that dinner is last on my mind. The other night, we tried a new spot OUT and it hit the spot! Bird Call is what’s for dinner tonight!

An Easy Dinner Out For Busy Working Moms

Bird Call is a restaurant that started in Colorado but it opened in Scottsdale, AZ recently. They offer all natural chicken sandwiches, amazing salads, fries, tater tots, cocktails, and different flavors of natural soda. Craving something for dinner and NOT wanting to cook, we decided to give Bird Call a try!

Let me just stop right here and tell you that I wasn’t paid a single dime for this review. My family and I visited, and I knew I needed to share!

The ambiance was awesome, the way you order and pick up your food was unique, and little details throughout the restaurant made us all feel comfortable and at home. It was busy when we went but thankfully we didn’t have to sit on the patio. It’s reaching one hundred degrees here in AZ already, so indoors it is!

We ordered and waited for our food. Your name is put into a cue and displayed on a large screen. It turns colors when your food is ready, and you head to a station with cubbies where you get your food and either take it to go or take it to your table. Genius! In the meantime, I enjoyed some Coconut Cream Soda and oh my gosh it was amazing.

Their menu was unique and looked fresh and scrumptious. And that’s exactly what it was! I got The Rancher with a side of tater tots and it did not disappoint.

The Rancher with a side of tater tots.

I’m writing all of this to ultimately encourage you. Dinner time can be stressful. I understand what it takes to build a business all day, to be home with your kids, running through activities and to get to dinnertime totally exhausted. I used to wish that I had time to make detailed, beautiful meals. But, I just don’t.


As a busy working mom, there are many nights where grabbing something out is the only option. However, I am so grateful for healthier, fresher and more life giving options to help provide a good meal for my family. Not to mention, the gratitude I have at the ability to buy it!

Life is good. Food is fun. Working and raising a family is completely possible. You just have to get creative and let go of the outcome. If you have a chance, go try Bird Call! We will go back!

An Easy Dinner Out For Busy Working Moms

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