Favorite Skincare Masks To Travel With

Favorite Skincare Masks To Travel With

Do you ever get half way through your vacation and realize that your skin just doesn’t feel the same as when you are back home? That feeling isn’t great and it can be frustrating to feel drab and dry. Traveling with ALL of your skincare product tried and trues isn’t always possible, but there are a couple things that you could add to your duffel to help keep the skincare blues away! Today, I am sharing about my favorite skincare masks to travel with. I don’t always travel with ALL of these. However, I do manage to throw one or two into my suitcase before I hit the road! Especially #2. Let’s get to it!

Favorite Skincare Masks To Travel With

Ultimate Waterfull Mask

Nu Skin’s Ultimate Waterfull Mask combines the power of rich humectants with water binding moisture to the skin – for the ultimate skin care facial treatment to enhance your skin condition. A few key benefits are:

  • Hydrates and replenishes the skin.
  • A water gel mask that is 100% botanical from eucalyptus microfibers.Ingredients work together for maximum moisturizing effect.
  • Provides a surge of waterfull hydration for soft, supple skin.
  • Transparent mask adheres for a visibly improved application. 

What’s better? Each mask comes wrapped individually so this is by far the easiest one to throw into your bag or carry on! This sheet mask is refreshing, moisturizing, and will keep your skin energized as you travel. You can snag it HERE.

2. Pillow Glow Sleep Mask

So this next one is one that I personally never travel without. Pillow Glow Sleeping Mask is a moisture-recharging gel-cream mask that delivers an intense rush of immediate and long-lasting overnight hydration. Some of the benefits are:

  • Made with bioadaptive botanicals, known as adaptogens, that help your skin adapt to its environment.
  • A clean formula with worry-free ingredients you can feel good about putting on your skin.
  • Protects against, and increases resiliency to, the damaging effects of stress, pollution, and free radicals.
  • Helps improve the look of dull, uneven, stressed, and tired skin caused by daily stressors, including blue light exposure.
  • Provides immediate hydration and 24 hours of continuous moisturization.

Just apply before bed to support your skin’s natural moisture barrier throughout the night and wake up to skin that is glowing, radiant, and 150% more hydrated. To read more benefits or to purchase your own, click HERE.

3. Yin & Yang Mask

This one will give you a refreshing boost, no doubt! The Epoch Yin & Yang Mask is infused with nourishing porcelain flower grown through controlled environment agriculture (CEA) and micro-encapsulated charcoal that activates with a gentle massage to visibly transform the mask, revealing fresh and healthier-looking skin. A few more points are:

  • Features specially sourced porcelain flower grown through controlled environment agriculture.
  • Detoxifies skin for a fresh and luminous look.
  • Delivers nourishing phytonutrients to reveal softer and smoother looking skin.
  • Leaves skin looking smoother, healthier, and brighter.
  • Leaves skin feeling fresh, soft, and balanced.
  • Jasmine sambac helps to de-stress and promote inner harmony for a lit-from-within complexion.

It will give your skin a balanced glow, especially after a long day of traveling or sightseeing. For more info or to order yours, click HERE.

4. ageLOC Rejuvenating Gel Mask

This one is small but mighty! This quick ageLOC Rejuvenating Gel Mask only takes a couple of minutes to get refreshed, hydrated, and incredibly soft skin. Now you can revitalize, rejuvenate, and soothe your skin for a fresh and supple feel. A couple of great things about it are:

  • ageLOC targets the sources of aging to preserve the look of youth and reduce appearance of aging
  • Enhances skin hydration, leaving skin feeling incredibly soft and refreshed

If you need a quick pick-up for your skin, absolutely add this to your travel skincare routine. Pick it up today, HERE.

In conclusion, you don’t have to allow your skin to suffer while you travel. These four options are marvelous masks that will work hard for you at any time of the day. For more, join my Stellar Day VIP group!

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