How To Limit Fear In Your Business

How To Limit Fear In Your Business

Your life might feel like it’s in shambles right now. Everything has changed in 2020 and your business might be experiencing some real shifts. These shifts are probably hard and you might be experiencing some anger over it. Why is this even happening? As a result, this is our opportunity to see these shifts as exactly that: opportunities. Today, I want to talk about How To Limit Fear In Your Business.

Fear is a very interesting thing. It can drive people to do very unsettling things. Likewise, it can cause them to stay captive in their minds with riddling anxiety. It’s hard to live with fear and it’s really challenging to run a business from that mindset. What if we can see the uncertainty that comes our way as opportunities to innovate and to become something so incredible?

How To Limit Fear In Your Business

How To Limit Fear In Your Business

1. Take Action

You can accomplish great things even if you’re afraid, but it’s never going to happen if your fears render you useless. Taking action can give you purpose, spark, and creativity. Taking action can help grow new ideas that might be needed right now.

Allowing yourself to see past your own fears will give you a capability to see reasons to not stay inside that fear. You were created for this generation and this generation needs you to show up! Asses the needs, see how you can help others, and get moving. Your fears might follow you a little bit but taking action has a greater chance of diminishing them than idling in them.

2. Limit Negativity

This seems like a challenge these days, doesn’t it? It feels like everything is negative right now and that there’s not a lot we can do to change it. But while it seems like you have not choice but to succumb to all the negativity that’s circulating, you absolutely have a choice. You get to decide what floods into your home and into your mind. Now more than ever you need to be the guardian of that.

You don’t have to mindlessly scroll on your phone. We all don’t have to watch the news 24/7. I don’t have to post and share my negative opinions. You don’t have to follow negative people. Find likeminded people! You can choose the voice you listen to and the voice you lead with. Because when you turn down the negativity, you have the opportunity to think more clearly. Moreover, it can help you to move from empowering place to truly help others.

You have the opportunity to see this time as a gift instead of an opposition. It doesn’t make it easier and the realities of where you are at are real and valid. But we can choose to respond differently. Let this be the time that you can look back on as the time that you drew a line in the sand to change your mindset.

3. Get Creative

Allowing yourself to be creative during times like these is so important. Every single one of us has the chance to use the fear that tries to bang down the door of your heart and to transition it into something worthwhile. What may have been used for evil can be turned around and used for the highest good.

Sitting inside fear accomplishes nothing. Taking that fear and turning it into something that can help others, inspire many, and move the human race forward is remarkable. This is how to limit fear in your business.

Fear drives me to create and to look for solutions. I believe God can use our fears for something greater than we could ever realize. So, listen to your body and to your heart. If you feel afraid, what beliefs can you limit that are negative? Are there actions can you take? What are ways that you can release your fears by being creative?

How To Limit Fear In Your Business

Above all, allow yourself some time to move into something new. As a result, make sure that you aren’t allowing fear to take over your heart. You have everything you need to keep moving forward. So keep moving forward and don’t allow fear to trip you up.

Also, check out this podcast, 4 Ways To Take Care Of Your Mental Health As An Entrepreneur for more ideas! Also, grab my new gratitude journal I just launched! Make Every Day Stellar, A 31 Day Gratitude Journal is a great tool to help you move through fear and into a better mindset.

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