Having A Do The Next Best Thing Mindset

Having A ‘Do The Next Best Thing’ Mindset

If you feel exhausted, beat down, and depleted by the current season we have endured, you are not alone. Having a positive mindset as you build your business can be a challenge during a normal season. Throw in a pandemic and global chaos and it makes sense why your mindset might be wavering. I want to encourage you today. Thriving during a pandemic is not a figment of your imagination. It can be your reality no matter what the world throws your way. Today, I want to talk about having a ‘do the next best thing’ mindset to help expand and grow your hope.

Having A Do The Next Best Thing Mindset

Let me start by giving you a question that you can ask yourself in any single moment that you might get stuck.

What is the next best thing that you can do in your business right this minute?

You see, running a business can be very overwhelming. At first, you start with excitement and the tasks pile up. It quickly starts to feel a little more like Groundhog Day than anything else! It is easy to understand why entrepreneurs give up so quickly. It’s not a quick and easy road to the path of success and burnout is a real thing.

But what if you could once and for all, see the PATH to success AS success itself? What if the small decisions you made every single day WERE the success you desire to see in your business? Instead of giving up so quickly, what would it look like to ‘Do The Next Best Thing’?

In moments when I feel the overwhelm of business building, I have made the habit of doing the NEXT best thing. Here are three simple steps for how to accomplish this:

1. When Overwhelm Sets In, Decide What The Next Best Thing Is

Instead of looking at the entire list at a whole, decide what is the NEXT best thing that you need to do in your business. Is it post to social media? Could it be to check your emails? Or to make that phone call to that potential lead?

Whatever it may be, deciding what the next best thing is to do in your business is really crucial. It narrows down the overwhelm and can practically help you take a step forward. Tiny steps forward are still forward! When your list is gigantic, looking at the very next thing to do and focusing only on that can help relieve stress. Plus, every one of us can do something small and manageable. Decide what the next best thing and only focus on that.

2. After You Decide What The Next Thing Is, Set A Timer and Do It

Here’s where the rubber meets the road! Once you decide what the next best thing is, it’s time to get to work! Set a timer and focus all of your energy on that one thing. Don’t allow distractions to creep in and move you away from what you’ve decided to focus on. If you can work at that one single task with all of your might until the timer goes off, I can almost guarantee that you will make amazing progress towards crossing that task completely off your list.

3. Repeat Those Two Steps

Simply put? Once you cross that first task off your list, pause and decide what is the NEXT BEST THING. And repeat steps 1 and 2 all over again.

With a very small amount of faith and action, you will begin to see the overwhelm in your business begin to fade away. If it comes back, you now know how to focus on doing the NEXT best thing to help keep you moving forward. When my list appears longer than the hours in the day that I have, I have committed my business growth to doing the next best thing to accomplish my goals.

It works and it is effective in every way. YOU are in control of your business, not the other way around. Train your team to do this as well, and the atmosphere inside your organization will drastically change. You can be busy and running a large business from a place of rest and not chaos. It takes disciplining your mind to focus on what needs to get done next, and not looking too far ahead.

Do the next best thing. You will thrive, and your business will grow! Give it a try starting today!

Thanks for being here,
Jess xo

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