How To Find Balance Between Work & Life

How To Find Balance Between Work & Life

I love to work.

There, I said it. I wonder if it’s cliche to admit this out loud when the more politically correct thing to say would be how I absolutely know how to find balance in life. But, that would be a lie. A bold faced lie. And I never want to do that to you guys.

The truth is, I love to work. Enjoying the process of creating something to add to the world, my passions, and earning money means that I spend a lot of time thinking about work. But, how do you truly find the balance? I’m a work in progress on this one, but here’s a few tips for How To Find Balance Between Work & Life.

How To Find Balance Between Work & Life

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How To Find Balance Between Work & Life

1. Learn How To Say No

Understanding what your boundaries are is very important. When you say yes to too much, even good things, you aren’t making room what is best. If you’re a busy working woman, it might be easy to say to more work. More work could mean more income or even steps towards a pay raise. However, doing this long term is only going to push you towards burnout.

When you learn how to say no, you’re giving room to say yes to more of what you love. When you do that alone, your life will begin to feel more balanced.

2. Take Breaks

Your business is not going to fail if you take a break. In fact, it will probably thrive as a result of rest and relaxation. Prioritizing breaks within the normal cadence of your routine is pretty essential. We are not made to run on empty for very long. If it seems like there is no possible way for you to ever take a break, then you need to take a good look at your schedule.

We all have the same 24 hours within a day. Make sure to take the breaks that your mind and body need and don’t forget- we are all different! Your breaks will look different from mine and that’s ok. What’s important here is that you do something that gives your mental load a day or afternoon off.

3. Write Everything Down

If you’re like me, then you have a thousand things to do in a day. Nothing gets done if I don’t write it down. Whether you use a digital calendar, a physical planner or a plain old note pad and paper, writing everything down can proof to be helpful. It can help provide balance because it’s an easy way to see what needs to get done for work and for home life, and to prioritize accordingly.

If things seem unbalanced but you aren’t sure where, try writing it down and see where the cards fall. You might feel surprised at what the outcome is. Try downloading and printing this Work Life Balance Planning Sheet for FREE. My gift to you!

4. Ask For Flexibility

The answer is ALWAYS no unless you ask. So, if you need flexibility in your job, with your partner, or even with your kids, just ask! Whether it be flexibility on a deadline, work hours, or dinner and laundry- asking for help is not ever a bad thing. You can be super woman and also admit that you are not super human. We ALL have our limitations and that doesn’t mean that you are a terrible mother or employer.

It means you’re human. PERIDOT.

So ask for help! Your load will be lightened in the end. And, even though it might not all go exactly how you would do it, it will free you up to live a more balanced life. When you strive for balance over perfection, peace will begin to seep in. And that feels GOOD.

5. Invest In Relationships

If your relationships aren’t solid enough, that might make it harder to ask for help. Take time to invest in your relationships and not only does it provide a great team support, but it also provides community. When we are in community with one another, it’s proven that happiness can thrive there. I don’t have a statistic to prove that, but I know it has to be right.

We need others. If you’re go-go-go all the time, how can you invest in what’s truly important? Your partner, your kids, and even your friends all play an integral role in your mental health and wellbeing. Obviously, this is the case if the people in your life aren’t toxic and burdensome. Find the people that feel like sunshine and stick close to them. Invest for the long haul- it will be worth it!

6. Read (Or Do Something You Love)

I say read because I LOVE to read. And, if I had a nickel for every time someone told me that they don’t enjoy reading, I would be a millionaire. To which makes me really sad. GUYS. Reading is so good for your brain! Plus, if you’re reading something you enjoy, it activates parts of the brain that reduce stress and invoke creativity. Reading is a great way to relax and flex that muscle that is your brain.

However, if you really loathe reading, then try to add something into your life that you love to do. Every now and then, I try to spend time crocheting. I’m not good at it at ALL but, I love doing it. Plus, I’m working on a huge blanket that’s going to take a long time to finish. But, it’s relaxing and I enjoy it. So I make time for it!

Whatever it is, select a hobby and make time for it. It’s a huge step toward How To Find Balance Between Life & Work.

7. Prioritize Your Health

Stop living so close to the empty line. Burnout is so real and it’s not a badge of honor. Take it from me, I used to glorify being busy as if it was something to be achieved. What I realized, is that your health IS your wealth. Without it, you can’t do much. So if you are healthy, hold gratitude for it and work towards keeping it that way. If you’re not, let this be the boost you need to start prioritizing your health every day.

Some ways that I prioritize my health are by getting enough sleep each night and taking my vitamins every day. I also take a daily walk with my dog which helps get me outside and in the sunshine for a bit. I have recently signed up for a Barre 3 class close by which I am excited about because for me, losing a few pounds is the next step.

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming or complicated. Find a few ways to prioritize your health and do them until they are second nature. Then once they are, you can step into adding even more habits to the mix.

In conclusion, learning How To Find The Balance Between Work & Life is an evolution of sorts. It will evolve overtime and will ebb and flow. You can’t expect to be perfect at it on day one- or ever really. There will be seasons that will be busier than others. What’s important is to recognize when you feel out of alignment, and to work to get back to harmony and balance.

Work and life can coexist together. You just have to be willing to be in charge of both with flexibility, humility, and grace.

Have A Stellar Day,
Jess xo

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