How To Get Your Own Joy Filled Mail

How To Get Your Own Joy Filled Mail

Spoiling my customers is one of my favorite things do to. So, I am excited to announce something for my subscription based customers. And that is, Joy Filled Mail! Let’s dive in to talk about what exactly it is and How To Get Your Own Joy Filled Mail!

How To Get Your Own Joy Filled Mail

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How To Get Your Own Joy Filled Mail

What is it?

It’s something that you can ONLY get exclusively from ME and by being my customer. Joy Filled Mail is going to be a surprise mail package that will ship directly to you each and every month- in addition to your subscription that is already going to bless your socks off!

What’s going to be inside?

That’s the fun part! Only my team and I are going to know what’s going in the mail to all our subscribed customers. I am currently working on next month’s mail and let me tell you this- it’s going to be really fun!

Just think- how is it going to feel to get a box, package or an envelope each month filled with JOY? It will be really fun items that just help to make every day stellar. Ideas are brewing, I’m collaborating with businesses for the future, and I’m working on the first shipment to be sent out.

After I ship out Joy Filled Mail for May, I’ll be sharing photos of what went inside this current shipment. Every month will be different!

So, how do you get in on Joy Filled Mail?

Here are the steps:

1. Create An Account

The first step would be to create an account and become a customer with me. I have partnered with Nu Skin in order to offer beauty, skincare, supplements and more. They have the most amazing Subscription Program (which I have also been a part of since 2017!) and I love helping others to become a customer of mine. So, creating a customer account is step number one. Make sure you use THIS LINK.

2. Create A Subscription

What does a subscription get you? Only the best beauty and skincare products delivered directly to your door each month! There is no limit that you have to reach each month in order for your subscription to qualify for Joy Filled Mail.

Here are a few ideas:

The sky is the limit here though!

After you add your items to your cart, you’ll see “Add To Subscription” underneath the order. Click that and follow through with checking out.

You can change what’s in your subscription each month easily. You can cancel your subscription any time without penalty (and simply), and there is no catch! Just great products at a 20% off subscription discount and THEN- Joy Filled Mail!

3. Then, the third step is optional. But I would highly recommend that you join my Facebook group, Make Every Day Stellar. It’s where I share other products and education so if you wanted to switch your subscription products out, you will feel more equipped about what to add.

That’s How To Get Your Own Joy Filled Mail!

So, ready to get started? Sign up HERE and let’s go!

Have A Stellar Day,
Jess xo

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