How To Speak Positively To Yourself

How To Speak Positively To Yourself

Discouragement can be real as you start something new. You might be experiencing a little voice in the back of your mind quietly whispering “you are starting too late” or “you’re too old for this” or “it’s an over saturated market now”. I want to remind you that it’s never too late to start! Today, I want to show you how to speak positively to yourself. No matter how where you are in your journey, you deserve to dive into what lights your soul on fire.

How to speak positively to yourself

When you have something new you are excited for and want to do, but there’s a little voice reminding you why you can’t or shouldn’t, that is your ego. It’s a little voice of doubt that takes you down a few notches. When you feel a wave of discouragement that moves in as you start your new business, that is your ego. 

Your ego isn’t trying to be mean to you. She is subconsciously trying to make sure to keep you safe. She is trying to make sure your heart doesn’t get broken. It’s her job to make sure that you don’t do something that could break your spirit. 

Don’t allow the little negative whispers in your mind to become your truth.

The self doubt that you have in your heart is there because what you want to step into is scary, and you aren’t sure you can do it. When those little whispers come into your mind, try changing them. When your mind subconsciously says “You are starting this new dream too late”, change the verbiage to something positive that you can believe. I want to help you with that!

How To Speak Positively To Yourself:

  • When you hear yourself say, “It’s too late to start out on this dream of mine.”
  • Switch it to: “I am in the process of believing that it’s never too late to start something new.”

  • When your mind subconsciously says, “The market I am stepping into is over saturated and there is no room for me.”
  • Switch it to: “I am in the process of believing that there is a place for me inside this market and I am exactly where I need to be.”

  • When you start to hear, “I am too old to start this new business or dream.”
  • Switch it to: “I am in the process of believing that age is just a number and I was created for such a time as this to chase these dreams.”

You might have to repeat those positive reminders over and over again for months or even years. I know I did. The brain takes a bit to retrain, but if you are consistent, and if you catch the negativity that runs freely rampant in your brain you’ll realize that you have more power than you think you do. Your brain creates new pathways faster than you’ve been giving it credit for. Taking your thoughts captive and trusting that there is more for you in this lifetime, is the beginning of creating a new way of thinking. It’s the beginning of learning how to speak positively to yourself.

It’s not too late. You’re not too old. The market isn’t over saturated. Your mind is over saturated. One key way that I worked to shift my mindset was through practicing gratitude.

I launched the Make Every Day Stellar 31 Day Gratitude Journal specifically to help YOU.

Working to change your mindset isn’t an easy task, but with tools like this gratitude journal, you can begin to step towards a life of mindset freedom. And I know, because I’ve done it! You can check out the 31 Day Gratitude Journal HERE.

Make Every Day Stellar 31 Day Gratitude Journal

Your dreams matter. You aren’t starting too late. And, now is as good a time as any to get started on something that makes your heart beat. That’s what life is all about, and you can’t allow yourself to miss it! Get out of your head. Take steps towards your dream. Lean into it, work on getting rid of the negative mindset that you’ve developed and practice gratitude daily. Learn how to speak positively to yourself. You’ll always wonder if you don’t try, and you owe it to yourself and likely others, to get started. 

It’s never too late! 

Have A Stellar Day,
Jess xo

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