How To Start To Let Go Of What Others Think

How To Start Letting Go Of What Others Think

Living with preconceived judgements of others can be paralyzing and they might not even be true. When we have people in our lives who are important to us, it’s hard not to wonder what they’re going to think. We want everyone to like us, to accept us, and to love everything we put out there! When you are creating anything and putting it out into the universe, you run the risk of others not only having an opinion of it, but also voicing that opinion. And at times, that can be really scary.

When you have a burning idea in your heart that keeps coming up, you shouldn’t allow what other people may or may not think to hold you back. But HOW is it even possible to do that? I’d love to share a few tips for working through this in your own life.

5 Ways To Start To Let Go Of What Others Think

1. Find Your Why

You WHY needs to be so strong that you can’t NOT put your ideas out there. A strong why will help you to be able to stay the course when/if people are negative about the business and dreams that you are building. Search deep and find your why and let it be so meaningful to you that it propels you into action. What could happen if you DON’T put your ideas into motion? What could you be missing out on? Find your WHY and dig deep.

2. Circle Of Trust

It’s important if you don’t feel supported currently, to begin to find a small circle of people who you trust, who have your best interest at heart and who can begin to support you. Then, commit to listening to their advice and let all the rest go.

3. Trust Your Gut

When you are in your head about what others think and about how they are potentially judging you, it’s a good idea to trust what your gut is telling you. Do these people genuinely have your best interest at heart? Are the words they are speaking over and to you, true? Do you trust them? Have they proven that they want the best for you? Could they potentially be struggling with jealousy?

You really also need to trust yourself! You thought of these ideas, you are stepping out into creating the life you desire, and you need to learn to trust that. If you’re holding onto what people think, ask yourself: are people REALLY thinking negatively about you and your business? Or are you just assuming that? Commit to taking your thoughts captive and trust yourself. You know what’s best for you and only you can tell what you were created to do.

3. Loud Voices Are Just Loud

Understand that negative voices are loud BUT there really are a LOT of women out there who love to cheer others on. Find a safe space in your life and on social media where you can be continuously cheered on. Sometimes the people closest to us can be the loudest in our lives, but you have to willing to hear them and look past it if needed.

4. Failing

Be willing to fail and be willing to admit mistakes. It can take a huge burden off of your shoulders to care about what others think if you already know that you are going to fail at some points and if you’re willing to make mistakes. Humility can go a long way. If you expect mistakes and failures as a chance to grow and to be better, you won’t be so devastated when it happens. Everyone makes mistakes and it doesn’t mean your entire business is a failure. Don’t let the fear of embarrassment hold you back. Learning and growing doesn’t need to embarrass you, it’s truly part of the process.

5. Positivity

Fill your mind with truth and positivity. I read my Bible every day. I also read amazing books on mindset and train myself daily with tools on how to block out negativity and keep going. I listen to my mentors and I surround myself with friends who believe in me and who I trust. I’ve worked really hard to diminish all of the negative self talk in my brain, but it’s not perfect. It’s essential to focus on life giving truths and to constantly be strengthening your brain as a muscle.

If you struggle with caring about what others think, today I want you to really press into and develop your WHY. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Why did I have this dream in my heart to begin with?
  • Why does it keep coming up for me?
  • Why do I want to change my life?
  • How will this help and serve others?
  • Why do I care so much about what others think?
  • What will happen if I allow those voices to hold me back from stepping into my calling?

Whatever your answers are, then ask yourself- “Am I ok with the outcome?” When you take time to answer these questions and really develop a solid WHY that will help you to let go of the opinions of others. When your why is solid, strong, and the reason for starting your business, the opinions of others will begin to seem small. If you have a dream and a deep desire that keeps coming up, you were created for it and you deserve to give yourself a chance to try.

Prove everyone wrong, even if it’s scary! You won’t be alone in that journey, I can promise you that!

Have A Stellar Day,
Jess xo

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