How To Wash Your Face In Two Minutes

How To Wash Your Face In Two Minutes

Taking care of your skin doesn’t need to be complicated. As a busy woman myself, I totally get how it can be really overwhelming and frustrating to be bombarded daily with all the anti-aging solutions out there that promise results, but you aren’t sure which way to turn. Limited funds, limited time, and it’s a recipe for being overwhelmed so quick that you just grab the closest bar of soap and call. it. a. day.

I’ve been there.

Well, I have something to share with you today that is WAY better than a bar of soap and it will get the job done in two minutes solid. Doesn’t that sound awesome? I can show you have to wash your face quickly, effectively AND provide anti-aging benefits to your skin that I just know it’s craving for.

My little “secret” is really no secret. If you follow me on Instagram and have seen my stories, you likely have seem me wash my face to show everyone this little device that I am obsessed with. Yes, my friends, I am taking about the Lumi Spa! I started using the Lumi Spa THREE years ago when it was released and I have hardly missed a day since!

I struggle with acne, even as an adult, and so finding a skincare solution was always time consuming and expensive. Even when I learned about the Lumi Spa, I was excited but also a little nervous about how it might work for MY skin. I trusted the brand, so I dove in to give it a try, and the verdict? Hands down, it’s the best thing I do for my skin daily and I am SO glad I’ve been consistent with it!

So, how does it wash your face in two minutes? Well, let me show you! In this quick video below, I demo how to use the Lumi Spa and show you how it works within two minutes:

Pretty neat huh? In addition to only taking two minutes, the Lumi Spa provides a few key benefits. These benefits are:

  • Softness
  • Smoothness
  • Radiance
  • Clarity
  • Purified skin
  • Reduced pore appearance
  • Visibly improved skin density and volume

When I started using it, I thought for sure that it would irritate and break out my skin even more than I already struggle with. But the opposite happened! The soft silicone treatment heads are embedded with antimicrobial silver and are more hygienic, less abrasive, and easier to clean than bristle heads commonly found on the market. Which made a really big difference for my sensitive skin.

I use the Acne Cleanser and use it morning an night, making it the best skincare routine on the market hands down. I am so grateful to have found this device, and that I am able to share it with you here today. Being a creative entrepreneur is challenging sometimes, and it’s an even bigger challenge to find ways to fit in self care to take care of yourself. Fast solutions that work are constantly what I’m looking for, as well as ones that are affordable and effective.

In the end, Lumi Spa actually SAVES me money every month. The device was a one time purchase, and I set my account up to deliver my cleanser to me monthly (not a requirement) so I never run out. It’s saved me money, time, and has radically changed my skin and reduced my acne. I am forever grateful, and LOVE helping others discover how this product can save them time and money.

Time and money are precious commodities, I get it. You work hard to earn the money you have, and you don’t have a ton of extra time. Taking care of yourself is important and can be done quickly each day to truly give you a pampering experience each and every morning (and night!).

If you’re ready to try Lumi Spa today, I’d love to help you purchase today! I have a 100% money back guarantee within the first 30 days, so if you decide it isn’t for you, you aren’t stuck and out any money. You don’t need a code or anything like that- just head to THIS LINK and I’ll hook you up on the greatest skincare device in the industry. Globally recognized and awards won galore, I know you won’t be disappointed!

Have A Stellar Day,
Jess xo

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