Love Beauty and Planet

Love Beauty and Planet

I am a total sucker for good body care. I started using Love, Beauty and Planet’s shampoos and conditioners I was hooked. If you have never tried them, you MUST. I have yet to find a conditioner as good as this brand, and I have a LOT of hair. The tangles are real in this house!

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My kids know that I love this brand, and so for Mother’s Day, this duo was one of the gifts that they gave me. The Argan Oil & Lavender scent is right up my alley. I have had difficulties sleeping during this quarantine season, and anything lavender is soothing and relaxing to me. I apply both of these in the evening right before I hop into bed, and I love how comforting it is. Not to mention, it is remarkable on my skin.

Sometimes it’s little things just like this that is enough to make your day awesome. A quick nourish to the skin, a scent that helps comfort me as I lure off to sleep, and another simple way that I can add self care into my evening is exactly what I am always looking for.

If you have trouble sleeping like me, try incorporating products that you love. These products will not cure insomnia at all, BUT they help me to create a routine that is relaxing. A simple lotion, a quick essential oil, a cup of tea- these are all a few ways that I wind down each and every evening. It’s not perfect. I still struggle with insomnia and my anxiety flares up at night. But when I go out of my way to make even the evenings of mine stellar in any way that I can, it really does help.

Not only does it help, but it helps to remind me that I am blessed beyond words and even if my day wasn’t perfect, I don’t have to wait until tomorrow to make it awesome. I can choose, even in the last few minutes of the day, to end on a good note and do what I can to make every moment count.

You can find this amazing body lotion and dry body oil by Love, Beauty and Planet. You might also like to try this amazing HAIR OIL, that is next on my list to try!

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