Monarch's Wish | A Short Story

Monarch’s Wish | A Short Story

My daughter, Bravery, befriended a butterfly in the back yard that she saved from drowning in our pool. She was so gentle with him and determined to keep him as her pet. I wouldn’t let her bring him into the house. However, I was so touched by how cute she was with him. She named him Monarch.

When Bravery woke up in the morning, we had discovered that Monarch didn’t make it through the night. She was devastated. I had, however, developed a short story with fictional characters to portray the sweetness of it all. I think it helped Bravery to let go of Monarch. She loves ALL animals quickly and deeply. So, her heart was broken. Therefore, I am sharing the short story here.

Dedicated to Bravery and Monarch.

Monarch's Wish | A Short Story

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Monarch’s Wish | A Short Story

Once upon a time, in a beautiful garden, there lived a colorful butterfly named Monarch. Monarch was a friendly butterfly with vibrant orange wings and delicate black patterns that looked like stained glass. Every day, Monarch would flutter from flower to flower, sipping nectar and spreading joy with its graceful dance.

One sunny morning, as Monarch explored the garden, it noticed a little girl named Lily playing nearby. Lily had dark brown curls and wonderfully brown eyes that glistened with curiosity. She loved spending time in the garden, surrounded by nature’s wonders. As soon as Monarch spotted Lily, it fluttered closer, curious to know more about the little girl.

Lily’s eyes widened with amazement as she watched Monarch gracefully flit around. She giggled with delight, her laughter echoing in the garden. Monarch felt a special connection with Lily, and a thought struck its tiny butterfly mind:

“I want to be Lily’s pet!”

With newfound determination, Monarch flew closer to Lily, gently landing on her outstretched hand. Lily’s face lit up with pure joy as she saw the magnificent butterfly resting on her palm. “Oh, hello, beautiful Monarch,” Lily whispered softly, her voice carrying excitement and wonder.

Monarch, enchanted by Lily’s gentle touch and warm smile, knew it had made the right decision. It decided to stay with Lily, becoming her pet butterfly. From that day forward, Monarch would accompany Lily on her garden adventures, perched on her shoulder as she explored.

Monarch and Lily formed an extraordinary bond. They would spend hours together, chasing colorful flowers and talking about their dreams. Monarch shared stories of its butterfly friends and taught Lily about the magic of nature. In return, Lily would sing songs and read her favorite stories to Monarch, filling its tiny heart with love and happiness.

As seasons changed, Monarch and Lily’s friendship grew stronger. Monarch delighted in watching Lily grow, just as it delighted in seeing the flowers bloom and the world transform around them. Monarch knew it was truly blessed to have found a loving friend like Lily.

It felt grateful to be part of her life.

One day, as summer drew to a close, Monarch noticed a gentle breeze rustling the leaves of the garden trees. It knew it was time to say goodbye for now. Monarch landed softly on Lily’s nose, giving her a gentle butterfly kiss. “I must go, dear Lily,” Monarch whispered with a touch of sadness. “But remember, I will always be with you in your heart.”

Lily smiled through her tears, understanding that Monarch needed to continue its journey and explore new horizons. She waved goodbye to her beloved pet butterfly, grateful for the incredible moments they had shared. Monarch took flight, soaring high above the garden, carrying Lily’s love and joy with it.

And so, Monarch continued its adventures, bringing happiness and beauty wherever it went. But deep down, Monarch would always cherish the memory of being Lily’s pet and the bond they had formed—a bond that would last forever in their hearts.

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