Make every day stellar with an indoor garden

My Indoor Garden

One thing I’ve come to grow to love, is indoor plants. I know that I am late to the game on this one, but I never had the time or real care to slow down enough to consider filling our home with green life. 

Once the quarantine happened, my anxiety slowly rose overtime. I went into “go mode” at first, to make sure our pantry was responsibly stocked, that schooling for my kids was organized and taken care of, and I supported my husband as he helped move our church into online streaming. It was a little chaotic at the beginning, as most of us experienced. Our world flipped upside down for a bit there, and once the dust settled I realized that my anxiety over it all had not.

I spent longer than four weeks unable to sleep, swirling over all the changes throughout the entire world and in the middle of a global pandemic. We live in a tiny apartment with no yard and while we got outside as much as physically possible, we needed something more than that. Jason had been following The Plant Stand on Instagram and had realized that through it all, they remained open! We decided to take a tiny road trip down there to explore and to potentially add some green to our home.

We came home with more than we were expecting; that place is addicting! HA. We could spent hours there and loved the assortment of plants and flowers that they had to offer. We brought it all home, placed all of our new plants in the spots that we wanted them to live in, and felt a refresh in our space. Having an indoor garden has become a comforting gift, and something we have really loved nurturing throughout the quarantine. 

We are now up to TWELVE indoor plants in our 1,000 square foot home and it has helped boost our moral so much. My anxiety has gone down, we can tell the air is fresher, is smells better in here, and we have quickly learned than even plants have their own little personalities. 

Indoor Garden

My days are better because of these little guys, and our kids have really enjoyed helping to take care of them. I was always so worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep them alive, and its’s true, some are fickle and a challenge to take care of. But we are learning through the process and our home is better for it. There is something so relaxing about the little indoor garden we’ve created and while it hasn’t cured my anxiety completely of course, when I come out in the mornings they seem to greet me as the sunlight pours in and it eases my heart in ways I didn’t realize.

If you’re in Arizona and you haven’t checked out The Plant Stand in Phoenix, you absolutely should. Every time I go there it makes my day stellar, and I know it will yours too! You can’t beat the variety that they carry, the prices, and most of all, their amazing staff who always seemed so joyful as they helped their customers through the quarantine. 

I hope this post helps brings a smile to your face, and encourages you to consider adding life inside your home. You can even start with plants that are very easy to take care of if you’re afraid of them dying. The one I started with is a Golden Pothos and have successfully kept it alive for months now. WINNING.

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