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At the beginning of every year, I always choose a word or a saying that will likely follow me throughout the year. I always wait until God places the word on my heart until I accept it for that next year, but each year of done this, it’s been really amazing to see how deeply it applies.

In January 2020, I chose the phrase “Anything is possible.” I chose it with great hope, expectation and anticipation for how awesome 2020 could truly be. I had spent all of 2019 working on my mindset, it seemed only fitting that 2020 would take us all to new heights!

Except that it didn’t. And the phrase, “anything is possible” has had a more well rounded meaning than I was hoping for it to. The realm of possibilities was defied with year, as the world closed down in ways that had literally never happened before; at least not in our lifetimes. It has been unnerving, unprecedented and sparked new anxieties. It’s given me things to worry about that I didn’t think I was going to have to worry about, really ever.

It’s also sparked a lot of new joy and required so many of us to think about what IS truly possible in ways that we never have before too. Watching people innovate, and being part of the innovative process is something that always really excites me! Watching so much of the world be forced to create new opportunity has been one of those amazing blessings that’s made me FEEL that anything truly is possible.

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One thing this season in 2020 has required, is PERSISTENCE. You might feel this too. While we’ve all been home, watching Netflix, growing home gardens and trying to stay sane, we HAVE had to remain persistent and use different brain muscles than ever before. We’ve had to cling together inside our family units and really decide what is actually important to us. We’ve had to declutter so much- our homes, our cars, our minds. Many lost their incomes and businesses they’ve built for years. Some weren’t affected greatly and only worried about the lack of toilet paper.

But we’ve all had to be persistent.

When the pandemic started, I posted this photo of myself wearing my favorite Powerlips, called Persistence. I shared on Instagram that every time I wear this color it would be a reminder to be persistent, ESPECIALLY when it’s a challenge to do so. I said, “Its a reminder to not give up when you feel like you want to. And it encourages me to remember that there is ALWAYS a way to overcome adversity.”

That’s a lot of work that my favorite lip color does for me. But you know what? It’s all still true. On days when I’ve wanted to stay in bed and let fear and sadness overtake me, I have gotten up anyways. I’ve work this lip color throughout the pandemic, and it HAS reminded me to keep going.

There is so much worth living for in each and every day. Even on the hardest days, may this remind you that even your lipstick can remind you to keep going if you allow it to. It’s actually worked for me, and helped me daily to remember that when I’m rocking this color, I can keep going.

Persistence. We can do this. We can keep going. You can remain persistent and so can I!

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Make every day stellar!
Jess xo

Persistence in your mindset

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