Rainbow Donuts

Rainbow Donuts

I LOVE a good donut. Especially chocolate cake donuts and if it has chocolate sprinkles? I’m done.

This past Mother’s Day, we couldn’t leave the house so I asked for iced coffee from Lux, I made my favorite Southwestern Sausage Quiche, and then I requested Rainbow Donuts as well.

Because why the heck not??

I know everyone has their favorite donuts that they love, but if you’ve never tried Rainbow, you should give it a go. When the weather is nice and when we lived closer, we would bike over there and have donuts in their dining room. They also make a mean breakfast burrito that Jay and I would often split.

Mmmmm. I’m always in for a breakfast burrito too.

Food isn’t always the way to make your day better. I’ve struggled with my fair share of disordered eating. BUT, what I am saying here, is there is joy in every single day if you look for it. And on this day, donuts were such a treat and made me smile.

I’m thankful for yummy good treats that we are so blessed to have access to. I know I didn’t have to be born in America. And America has it’s own issues, but I am blessed to have the freedom and the money to be able to ride my bike down the street to eat such a yummy treat, and there are so many who will never do that.

Choose to find the joy, you guys. Every day can be stellar- even if just for a few moments!


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