How to push through creative blocks on social media

How To Push Through Any Creative Blocks You’re Facing On Social Media

I hear it all the time. One of the biggest challenges that creative entrepreneurs face when it comes to social media results in asking the questions, “What do I post, how often do I post, and where do I get the content from?” It can feel overwhelming in a sea full of influencers who seem to have their photography skills honed in and you’re just not sure if you can keep up.

In today’s day, social media is pretty important for businesses everywhere and if you aren’t familiar or up to speed, I would highly encourage you to educate yourself on the different social media platforms to find what could work best for you. Social media isn’t likely going away anytime soon, and it’s not too late for you to jump in and allow it to massively impact your business.

Instagram is NOT dead. 😉

Most of us are already on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest. We dive in with excitement to share and after a week, we completely ghost on the platform because it’s really to overwhelming, so why bother? I want to remind you here today that social media is NOT a one size fits all opportunity. Give yourself some grace to truly figure out how you want to approach these platforms.

If you’re stuck in a rut, I want to give you a few quick tips here today that will help encourage you to remain consistent in your socials and keep your followers interested in what you’re doing.


It’s important to start by deciding WHO your audience is and then determine WHAT their pain points are. Once you have these two things figured out, then you can WORK to solve those needs inside your social media.

Who are the people that are following you? You need to understand what their needs are so then you can target those needs with solutions that they are looking for. Every single time I post on social media, I am always considering my target audience and how I can help them. Whether it’s promoting my podcast, my blog, the products that I offer or just general encouragement, I make sure that my content is targeting the needs that they have and giving them solutions that they might be looking for.


I could spend all day talking about photography. (don’t worry, I won’t!) As a retired wedding photographer, I understand what it means to NEED really good photos to use for content. I understand the value in it AND that it can feel really intimidating to be in control of all of the images for your social media channels, especially if you’re desiring for them to be top quality.

I will go into more detail on this in a later post, but for now, plan to take as many photos in one sitting if you can OR make sure to save extras as you go through your days. This will help on days when you don’t think you have anything to post, but you have a good selection of photos that you’re always taking so you can incorporate them in whenever you feel like you’re in a slump.

I take SO many photos every day- most of them will never see the light of my Instagram page. BUT, on days when I feel like I’m in a rut, it’s really helpful to have a lot of photos that no one has ever seen yet. I continuously am going through my photos and pulling them out to use as they are appropriate.

Just remember- just because you’ve taken that photo today, doesn’t mean that you have to use it today. Take a lot of photos and plan to use them in the future when you might need them.


It’s helpful to use a social feed planning app like Planoly to layout your feed in advance. I use Planoly daily, and I am NOT being paid to promote them in this blog post. I just really love the app and all that it allows me to do for my social media. I’ve tried others and I consistently come back to Planoly for my Instagram.

Laying out a plan doesn’t mean it’s set in stone. You can always interrupt that plan and post spontaneously if you’re inspired to do so. But for the times when you aren’t sure what to post, you’ll already have a plan. And that’s truly half the battle!


So this is going to vary for each person. Sure, you can look up when is the best time to post on social media, but even doing that will give you a slew of answers that will possibly confuse you more. I know it does me! My best advice here? Decide what works for YOU, and then be CONSISTENT in that.

Do you have time to post once every single day? Then commit and do that every day. Does twice a week work better for you? Five days a week? Every other day? Once? THERE IS NO WRONG ANSWER HERE, despite what others might say. The best way to run a business is in the ways that causes the least amount of stress for the one running the business.

We are all unique, our families and our lives are unique and so posting to social media will be the same way. Your goals with your social channels will be different than mine, and so your rhythms inside the ways you decide to post will be different than mine as well. The most important thing I can say on this one, is to decide what works for you and THEN to be SO consistent in it.


I was taught this concept a couple of years ago, so it is not my own. But I really resonated with it and it helped me a lot. So I am sharing it here with you today!

Allow your Instagram grid to be your “magazine cover” and allow your stories to be your “reality tv show”.

You have thirty seconds or less to captivate someone enough so that they will click “Follow” or “Add Friend” on your social channels, make sure that what you’re putting out there truly represents who you are. Make sure your grid is clean, polished and approachable. Choose and editing style that’s coheisve and make sure it looks inviting. Your grid is basically your business card that is active ALL the time! Make sure you’re putting your best foot forward and not sharing all the nitty gritty details of your life.

Be honest and open, but put your best foot forward.

Your stories is your “reality tv show” where you can let your hair down more, show them the ins and outs of your business and life, and share much more openly and honestly in combination with your brand. Both are important, but it’s essential to realize that there’s a time, place and strategy for both.

No matter what you decide, social media really can be a lot of fun! It doesn’t have to be stressful. Ten years ago, businesses barely had these tools to utilize to grow their businesses to epic proportions. Approach these ideas with gratitude that they are available to us in abundance.

Come up with a plan that works for you and YOUR business. Comparison is the thief of joy and will shove you into a creative rut faster than anything!

Find a rhythm that feels good to you, give yourself a lot of grace and just stay consistent. Business should be really fun and social media is just one tool to use to create game changers for your business. There is still an abundance of opportunity to be had on social media. Dive in and start, make it fun and take a deep breath. Creative ruts will happen. You’ve got to be willing to keep going and to push through your way out of it to continue to grow.

I hope these tid bits encourage you today! Social media can be a overwhelming at times, and my hope and desire is to help creative entrepreneurs to see that you really CAN find your own groove in that space and authentically thrive in big ways to help your business grow!

Make every day stellar!
Jess xo

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