Make every day stellar with cotton candy

Make Every Day Stellar With Cotton Candy

I never want my kids to feel like every day is perfect or that they aren’t allowed to have bad, tough days. What I desire for their hearts is to be able to be in a tough situation and to turn it around, even if it’s just mentally. I never want to encourage them to ‘make every day stellar’ to avoid the realities of life. The truth is? Sometimes life is really hard. Sometimes things are thrown our way and it’s how we choose to move through it. It’s how we choose to endure it, and the attitude that we bring to the table that matters. You can always make each day better and still deal with the realities of life.

A couple of weeks ago, a couple of peaceful protests got a little out of hand over by where we live and rioting broke out. We got word that it was moving up by near where we live, military was called in, stores nearby boarded up and we decided to leave the area for a couple of days. My sisters in laws (who are very close family to us too) invited us to stay with them across town, so we headed there for a couple of nights. We did this to be safe and to just kinda see what would happen all while staying together with family.

While we were at their house, it was our goal to make the best of the situation. We talked about what was going on and shared a lot of the realities of what is happening around the world and why. We answered tough questions and talked about justice. We also made it our goal to have fun while we were there and to work to eliminate any nervousness or fears. Part of choosing to ‘make every day stellar’ is to choose joy even in the middle of adversity. Joy isn’t always an easy choice, but it is one that tends to bring blessing and relief.

My sisters mother in law got down a giant cotton candy machine that she had in her closet. She had purchased it and was waiting for the right time to get it down with the kids. We made an entire evening of it, but it was a complete blast! Each of our kids were able to choose their flavors (they mixed them of course!) and then she helped each one to make their own stick of cotton candy! There were a million laughs (especially when we did it wrong the first time) and there was enough cotton candy for all of us to try.

How to make every day stellar with cotton candy
How to make every day stellar with cotton candy
How to make every day stellar with cotton candy

It’s a really special memory. I’m sharing it here because I want to remind you, as a busy mom, business owner, neighbor, and friend- it IS ok to still choose joy. During these trying times, it’s hard to imagine how to move forward and do the things we “used to do” sometimes. But I say, move through your days and do them. Choose the joy. Choose to make the day awesome even amidst the fear, uncertainty, and the nerves. There is a lot of heaviness in the world right now and if you can take a minute to create candy with your kids to lighten the load, then please do it.

We all disconnected for an hour that night. From our social media channels, from the news, from the constant updates and we were just TOGETHER. We chose joy in the middle of a crisis. We chose to make memories even though the world seemed to be crumbling. We didn’t do this to ignore what was happening. Quite the opposite actually. With heavy hearts we knew that even though times are hard, you have to keep moving forward. You have to keep choosing the joy where you can find it. You have to acknowledge the heavy, carry the burdens, and had them over to the Lord. Allow Him to carry them and choose joy however you can find it.

We went home only two days later. The military had moved out of the neighborhood but the stores were still boarded up. And I was just reminded again and again that while the outside world might be in turmoil, and you might be wrestling with it all too, you still have the choice to make the inner walls of your heart and your home full of truth and joy. You can make every day stellar with your family in the middle of so much uncertainty, even if if it’s only for a few minutes. Those minutes will transcend across time and will count for more than you realize in the end.

I am always grateful to choose to make the most of every day in the end. It doesn’t make every day perfect. There has been so many hard things in my life that I’ve had to endure. But making the most of every day means I get to choose where my heart ends up.

And I choose joy.

Make every day stellar!
Jess xo

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