Stellar Mid-Week

You start the week out strong. Monday comes and you are READY to attack your business. After all, part of why you launched your own business was so that Monday’s wouldn’t suck anymore! You brew your coffee and launch into the entrepreneur world and set out to build your empire.

Tuesday arrives and you’re tired and a little disappointed. Monday was faced with tons of people telling you no, social media posts that fell flat, and left you feeling a little puzzled with no forward traction. Zero sales today again and you’re starting to wonder if this week is going to turn out similar to last week. But that’s ok! You decide to choose positivity and share in your stories on Instagram why you’re loving this business that you’re building.

By the middle of the morning on Wednesday, you’re ready to give up. Nothing seems to be working so you do mindless things in your business that SEEM like they should work, but really it’s just busy work. You aren’t moving forward, you aren’t making money, and you’re frustrated because you feel like no one is showing up to hear your message or purchase your product.


Avoid The Mid-Week Slump

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I’ve been there too, my friend. Being an entrepreneur is challenging on most days and it’s hard to find the strength to keep going. Unless you are really motivated or have a super strong WHY, it’s understandable why so many creative entrepreneurs (with brilliant talents and wonderful goals) quit all too soon.


Starting this week, I will be offering a weekly newsletter called, The Stellar Mid-Week designed to help YOU move through the mid-week slump. Arriving straight to your inbox on Wednesday mornings, I am going to be inspiring you with ways you can move through your work week, stay inspired, stay in the right mindset, MAKE MONEY, and KEEP GOING.

Each newsletter will feel like a personalized experience designed specifically for the creative entrepreneur in mind. Packed with timely encouragement, free resources that will help you MOVE your business forward, and inspiration that will rejuvenate your spirit as you continue on in the week, you won’t want to miss this. Sign up below and let’s make every business week as stellar as we can together!

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