The Bloody Ear And How It Relates To Life

I used to work in a hair salon back in 1997. This was before social media or even the internet. How’s that for aging yourself immediately? I was sixteen and knew nothing about hair or running a salon. I knew that I could answer a phone and create appointments andRead More →

The Newest Vitamin C & Collagen Pump

DID SOMEONE SAY VITAMIN C & COLLAGEN?! This latest pump to launch is going to make a fantastic addition to any type of skincare routine. These pumps are amazing for stay at home working moms because they are quick and effective. And when it comes to skincare, it’s important toRead More →

Easy Egg-Free Vanilla Cupcakes

As a busy, working mom of three kids, I understand what it takes to actually cook, bake and prep for the week. There are a million things to take care of over the weekend and food prep can easily slip to the bottom of that list. As most kids do,Read More →