The Ultimate Work From Home Checklist

The Ultimate Work From Home Daily Checklist

Working from home may have gotten more time in the spotlight ever since quarantine in 2020. But, it’s clear that this new movement is here to stay. It likely will be the way many people work moving forward. With that, this new lifestyle will bring challenges if you aren’t used to working from home. Today, I am sharing The Ultimate Work From Home Daily Checklist.

The Ultimate Work From Home Daily Checklist

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The Ultimate Work From Home Daily Checklist


1. Tidy Up The House

Everything feels better when you aren’t surrounded by clutter. Don’t fall into the trap of deep cleaning before you clock in for the day. However, taking a few minutes to clean up the house and your surrounding areas could help you out mentally so much.

2. Eat A Healthy Breakfast

There is something to be said about fueling your body with nutritious food in the morning! Take a few minutes and make sure your body and brain are supported with a good meal. It doesn’t have to be complicated. I have some great ideas on my Breakfast Pinterest Board. Also, you could check out these simple ideas that help if you struggle with depression in the mornings.

3. Take A Walk

I try to walk my dog every morning before I log in. Even if I just get a quick trip around the block, it gets me outside and into some fresh air. And first thing in the morning, it’s a great way to prepare for your day.

4. Get Dressed

I did a reel about this recently. But, feeling like an actual human is essentially important when you work from home. It’s really easy to get sucked into living in sweatpants. And, while that’s comfortable and all, it does help to really get yourself ready. For some cute and affordable clothing options, check out Pink Lily. Pink Lily is my favorite online boutique with so many wonderful options for women in any walk of life. Check it out HERE.

5. Turn Off All Distractions

Turn your phone on ‘do not disturb’, turn the TV off, and make space to focus. Sometimes, I will turn on music without any lyrics or my favorite music soundtrack score. However, white noise could be helpful too. Everyone is different! The key is to find what works so that all distractions are eliminated.

The Ultimate Work From Home Checklist


1. Hydrate

It would be helpful to keep a full water bottle within reach at all times. It’s easy to load up on coffee or to grab for a soda. But, water is so important as it will help your brain to function at full capacity. I have been dying to get a Stanley like this one. But THIS is also a great water bottle too. Throw in some Liquid IV to triple hydrate and keep the fluids pumping!

2. Take Breaks

Setting timers can be really helpful. If you have an Apple Watch, it reminds you when it’s time to stand up as well. I love utilizing YouTube to get a quick workout in. My favorite is Grow With Jo as she has a lot of great indoor walks. THIS ONE is a great example of a quick way to stretch and move your body to avoid being too sedentary.

3. Have A Good Lunch

If you haven’t noticed, eating and hydrating is important. I have been trying to have one salad a day as a way to have a good, healthy lunch so I don’t end up feeling bloated. My Lunch Pinterest Board is a great place to start. I am also excited to try this Quinoa and Chickpea Salad that I found and also saved. Eat well, live well!

4. Afternoon Break

Taking another quick break to stretch or meditate can be so helpful for productivity throughout the day. Prioritizing mental health will help you to stay on track as you work. Brew another cup of coffee and take a break outside, even.

The Ultimate Work From Home Checklist


1. Tidy Up Your Work Space

Really give it a good go at cleaning it up. Don’t leave your desk in shambles. Get it ready for the next day like you would if you worked at an office. Less clutter is good for the soul.

2. Clock Out

Like, really. Actually end your work day and leave it behind for the day. When you work at home, you have to discipline yourself to prioritize other things in your home. Tie up your day and then really clock out. You deserve to enjoy your evening too!

The Ultimate Work From Home Checklist


1. Leave The House

Try to leave the house at least one time during the day. I always walk my dog in the morning. I also leave in the afternoon to go pick up my kids from school. But, if I can schedule a coffee with a friend or a lunch date, then that’s even better! Get out of the house and give your brain a chance to refresh.

2. Get Outside

At the minimum, you should get outside for five minutes every day. More, if possible. The sunlight and the outdoor air will do you good! We weren’t created to stay enclosed inside walls all day every day. If you can, take your laptop outside occasionally and work while you catch a few sun rays. And don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

3. Move Your Body

Anytime you can move your body further than from your bed to the couch- do it. I like to track my steps to ensure that I’m moving my body enough. For me, 8,000 steps is an average day. If I can get to 10,000 that’s even better. Move your body and make it a priority. When you work from home, the space of movement can tend to be small. So you have to take charge and make sure you add movement into your day.

The Ultimate Work From Home Checklist

Working from home is such a gift. For many, it can become challenging when these areas are lacking. At first, prioritizing these things will feel like a lot of work. But, overtime they will become second nature. Set yourself up for success and you’ll soon see that working from home is a blessing. You’re in control of your day. So, make the most of it!

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