Tips To Help You Sleep Better At Night

Tips To Help You Sleep Better At Night

Sleeping can sometimes be a real issue as an entrepreneur. If you’re anything like me, you have a hard time switching your brain off. So, the nights can be a challenge. Getting rest is so important especially so you can run your business and accomplish all the things your days have in store for you. This season of quarantine and political unrest have made it extra challenging for me. Today I want to share a few tips to help you sleep better at night.

Tips TO Help You Sleep Better At Night

I want to start right away by saying that I am not a doctor and don’t pretend to be. Check with your doctor before implementing any of these tips if you’re hesitant at all. This is just what has worked for and helped me during this season. When you are sleeping better, everything will seem to run smoother and more efficiently.

Tips To Help You Sleep Better At Night

1. Sleepy Time Tea

One of the easiest ways to help begin the process of readying my brain for sleep, is to enjoy a cup of tea in the evening about an hour before bed. Something about it is so soothing and nurturing, and it prepares my body for bedtime. There are two kinds of tea that I have enjoyed. One is the Simple Truth Unwind and the other is Celestial Seasonings Sleepy Time Herbal Tea.

Tips To Help You Sleep Better At Night
Tips To Help You Sleep Better At Night
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My favorite tea mug is this Friends Central Perk oversized coffee mug that my sister got for me for last Christmas. I love Friends with all my heart, and so this mug has been a key part of the routine. I usually brew a large cup of tea (2 cups or so) and so having an oversized mug has really been essential. No matter what, find a mug you love, find a tea you love, and carve out a little bit of time to add this to your routine every night that you are able to.

2. Have An Evening Routine

Having flexible routines as a small business owner has been really important to the success of my business. The word ‘flexible’ being key here. But starting an evening routine if you’re not sleeping well might be a great way to start to correct that for yourself. It’s really challenging to go from working straight to trying to fall asleep. Your brain might need some time to wind down and prepare to slowly enter into sleep mode. So, give yourself the time you need. Create a simple evening routine that will help you move through your evening and prepare your mind to go to sleep .

An evening routine can include sleepy time tea, using your Make Every Day Stellar Gratitude journal, a short skincare routine, reading a book, or all of the above. Whatever it is that you need, create a short routine and try to stick to it every night that you can. You might not see results right away, but overtime your body will learn that this routine equals that it’s time to sleep.

3. Melatonin

I have been known to take a small dose of melatonin at night from time to time. Melatonin is a hormone primarily released by the pineal gland that regulates the sleep–wake cycle. As a dietary supplement, it is often used for the short-term treatment of insomnia and should be taken occasionally. I like to keep the gummy version on hand just in case I feel like I need a little extra help falling to sleep. This is the one that I take regularly and it’s helped me consistently.

4. Track Your Sleep With Your Fitbit

I’ve been using my FitBit to track my sleep for two weeks, and it’s already provided such helpful information! I wear my FitBit Charge 3 around the clock, and check my sleep numbers every morning. Instead of just feeling exhausted the next day, now I can look and understand WHY. It’s a great tool that shows me in intricate details when I was sleeping best and when I struggled to stay asleep. With that information, I have been trying new bedtimes to see if going to bed at a certain time helps my body to stay asleep longer.

Regardless, helpful tools like having a FitBit are really nice to enjoy. Numbers don’t lie and if you can take a look at your numbers each morning, you might begin to understand more about why it is that you’re aren’t sleeping. Knowledge is power and equipping yourself with that information could be really helpful.

5. Limit Caffeine

This is the one that no one wants to talk about BUT we must. If you are an avid coffee drinker like me, it might be helpful to watch the amount of caffeine your body can handle a day. For me, if I have more than two coffees each day, I am bound to be up all night. Real talk. It sucks. So, now that I know my limits, I make sure I stick to that each day.

I also make sure to drink a ton of water every day. Daily, I use my Fill It Forward water bottle and app to track how much water I’m drinking every day. I always aim for over 100 ounces. Limiting your caffeine can be a challenging step. But, taking in less of it will help the brain to be less stimulated at bedtime. With less stimulation, you will likely begin to sleep better.

While these tips aren’t the end all be all, give one or all of them a try! You might be surprised at what will really help you to slip into a more peaceful slumber each night. Struggling to sleep every night can be so discouraging. Be active in searching for answers for your health.

I hope you enjoyed these tips to help you sleep better at night. If you try any of these tips, I’d love to hear about it! Comment below and let me know what worked for you. Also, if you have tips to add I’d love to hear those as well!

Have A Stellar Day,
Jess xo

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