Top 10 Working From Home Items You Need

Top 10 Working From Home Items You Need

As a mom who’s worked from home for over a decade, I understand that your environment is essential to your success. It can take a lot to stay motivated and still get your work done in the place that you live in too. It comes with huge pros and also cons, but it’s still one of the best decisions I continue to make for me and for my family. While it doesn’t work for everyone, everyone CAN make it work. Having a list of your favorite things that you love and also need helps set the right atmosphere to help you remain productive. Here are Top 10 Items You Need When You Work From Home.

Top 10 Working From Home Items You Need

Top 10 Working From Home Items You Need

1. Good Coffee

Of course this one would be at the top of my list! Look, here’s the deal. I love coffee. Enjoying all kinds of coffee is something that I look forward to every day. I make a point to make an iced coffee every day and that’s because I really look forward to it. Not only does it keep me caffeinated, but it’s a treat I look forward to daily. And having those little treats to look forward to can help keep you motivated to get your work done!

I typically start my day around 6:00am by having a cup of hot coffee from my Keurig. Then, around late morning I’ll make my iced coffee. I have a fabulous espresso machine and I also use my trusty Starbucks Iced Coffee Tumbler. This has not only saved me a lot of money at Starbucks, but gives me a small thing to look forward to every day. If you enjoy coffee like I do, figure out your favorites and make sure to have them on hand at all times.

2. Fantastic Music

Sometimes I’ll have the TV on in the background while I work. But, typically it’s music! It’s less distracting and I can decide what to listen to depending on my mood. I have an Amazon Echo Show and I love it. Also, if I feel like watching Netflix, I can also do that on my Echo Show. It’s been a really handy tool to have plugged into the wall and our whole family uses it all day long. But, it’s a must-have while I work!

3. Fun Notepads and Pens

I use ALL things digital. Having tools on my phone to take notes and keeps organized goes without saying these days. However, having a fun notepad and pens that are designated just to use while I work keeps some pep in my step! While I’m switching up my notepads and pens all the time, right now I’m loving these notepads and these pens. Also, I have these saved in my wish list to order next. They are so cute!!

4. A Calendar

Calendar’s are a necessity in order to keep it all together. You are likely wondering why in the hell this is on the list. Every working mom has and NEEDS a calendar. BUT, you’d be surprised at how many people I talk to who do not have a system to keep them organized. My husband and I share a Google calendar of course, which is our master calendar. But then, I also keep a written calendar as well. This mostly keeps me organized with all my daily to do’s, items that my kids need for school (I can’t keep up) and other notes that help me to keep going. Right now, I’m really into Candice Cameron Bure’s amazing daily planner. I have THIS one and I really love it. There’s space for so many different things as well as motivational quotes and Bible verses. I really enjoy it.

5. Comfy Slippers or Socks

If you don’t have to go into the office, you don’t NEED to dress like it. There’s something to be said about getting ready for the day and not staying in your PJ’s all day. However, when you work from home YOU get to decide! I like to have comfortable socks and slippers around- especially once it starts to slip into the winter months. In Arizona, we don’t get snow or especially cold. But, it does get chilly and it can be more rainy in the winter. Slippers and/or socks are the way to go! I like THESE slippers and I will be wearing THESE socks this winter. Mark my words.

Top 10 Working From Home Items You Need

6. Dedicated Work Space

Having a space where your brain recognizes that it’s time to work is really important. I do understand how challenging it can be to get work done when you have the laundry staring at you. (Omg I need to go put my laundry in the dryer as we speak!!) But, if you can find a spot that is somewhat the same every day to get work done, it can be very helpful. If you can’t use an entire room in your house for an office, then try just a corner of the counter. Setting up your laptop and brewing a cup of coffee every day and sitting in the same spot can be just as effective. Here are some Handcrafted Home Decor Ideas that will help make any space in your home feel cozy, comfy and YOURS.

7. Lunches You Can Look Forward To

Food has the ability to make or break your mojo as you flow. Prioritizing good food options for both breakfast and lunch will remain helpful. If you’re anything like me, looking forward to what you’re going to eat each day can get you through it! If you can meal prep and have quick and easy lunch ideas on hand, that would be extra helpful. But even just cutting your food and veggies and storing them in easy to grab storage containers can make all the difference! Check out this Fresh Meals Kit list on Amazon. It’s packed with fantastic food ideas that could be utilized for lunches, snacks and easy dinners to prep ahead of time.

8. Workout Time Slots

Working out does not always happen in my day, but I try. It helps to schedule time to make it happen. For me, it is likely different for every day. I have always thought that I would be good at working out in the morning before my family gets up. But I am not. Typically, I go right before school pickup if I can. Other days I just take my dog for a walk and call it good. No matter what you do or how often you decide to workout, schedule it in. Use your planner and make an appointment with yourself and stick to it. Breaking a promise to yourself is never a good idea.

9. Vitamins That Help You Focus

Vitamins is also a challenging topic for me, because they usually respond differently to different people. Plus, what everyone needs is massively different from day to day. I WILL say, that daily I take this list:

There are many more vitamins I could be taking BUT these are the ones I am currently using and love them. I mostly stick to the Pharmenex brand if I can. Their products are tried, true, and with science to back it up. I can tell that they are working and my body feels great and works efficiently while I am on them. This all helps while you’re trying to be the best working mama you can be!

10. Staying Hydrated

Hydrating is HARD. Yes, I drink quite a bit of coffee BUT, I try to drink even MORE water to ensure that I stay hydrated. When you aren’t hydrated, your brain can’t function. I can tell when I’m dehydrated because my brain feels foggier. If you need help, I would recommend getting one of these water bottles that helps to remind you to drink water throughout the day. Staying hydrated through the day is important. You don’t want to get to the end of the day and then water log yourself before bed. Stay consistent, stay on top of it, and keep going. It’s a discipline but worth it once you’ve created the habit!

In conclusion, there are many more items that you could want or need in order to make working from home more enjoyable. This is my top list for anyone who needs a boost OR for those who are deciding to make the switch to working from home. I’ve worked from home since 2009 and it’s my life’s goal to find JOY in my home, in my work, and in the mundane daily life. Switching up a few things in your environment could make all the difference. You’ve got this!

Top 10 Working From Home Items You Need

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