5 Ways To Keep Your Feet Pedicure Ready

Top 5 Favorite Ways To Keep Your Feet Pedicure Ready

Self care is really important to me, especially since I am a business owner and a mom. There are so many things to accomplish each and every day, and it’s really easy to completely forget to prioritize yourself. It can sometimes even seem like a burden or a waste of time to create space for you, but it really is such an important component to being an entrepreneur. So often throughout my career, I would run myself ragged to take care of everything that needed my attention. But when I don’t give myself the attention that I need, I can only run at that pace for so long.

I love sharing my tips with you here; small ways to slip self care into your days without wasting a lot of time. Small gestures of self care can add up to a lot and can leave you feeling pampered and refreshed. Today I’m going to share my Top 5 Favorite Ways To Keep Your Feet Pedicure Ready.

1. Epoch® Sole Solution

Sole Solution is my NUMBER ONE choice of product to use for my feet. If you have chronically dry, cracked feet and have tried all kinds of moisturizers, you know instead of getting better, the problem persists or even gets worse. A persistent problem like this requires more than moisturizing. You need a product that works on the underlying cause. Epoch® Sole Solution Foot Treatment brings the hidden solution of the rainforest to you.

Top Five Ways To Keep Your Feet Pedicure Ready

Sole Solution features crushed all-spice berry, traditionally used by the indigenous people of Central America to relieve persistent dry, cracked, red skin on heels, toes, and sides of feet. So much more than a moisturizer, Epoch® Sole Solution Foot Treatment restores healthy looking heels, toes, and soles. Here is a before and after to show you the difference in can make when applied liberally for only one or two weeks!

Top Five Ways To Keep Your Feet Pedicure Ready

2. Peppermint Epsom Salt Foot Soak

I like to do a quick foot soak while I catch up on Pinterest for my business. Soaking your feet with peppermint and epsom salt is a good and quick way to refresh your toes and cure any aches. I like to make a big batch of this to have on hand so I can soak my toes anytime I need or want to! Here’s what you need:

And what you need to do is:

  • Cut open tea bag.
  • Pour tea bag contents into a bowl then add epsom salts, baking soda, and peppermint essential oil and stir until well combined.
  • Place in a jar with a tight fitting lid until ready to use.

To use it, all you need to do is scoop ⅓ to ½ of the salt mixture into a foot tub filled with water as hot as you can stand it. Soak for about 15-20 minutes. Once out, you can apply Sole Solution for a soothing touch! Your toes will thank you!

3. Fire Walker

If your feet ache after a long day, this product is a must have. I keep it in my drawer at all times and in certain seasons, I keep it next to my nightstand. Fire Walker uses natural ingredients like Hawaiian ti plant extract traditionally used by Polynesian fire walkers to absorb heat and to cool and soothe the skin. Pretty neat, huh?

It’s perfect for individuals who have tired, achy feet due to being on their
feet all day, walking, or standing for long periods of time. Examples of people who would use this product are: nurses, flight attendants, presenters, food servers, retail salespeople, and people who travel, hike, run, etc. Also, it’s perfect for the WORKING MOM. If you’re ready to check this one out, head on over by clicking HERE.

4. Foot Peel Mask

Have you ever tried a foot mask before? It was a new concept to me too, but one that I welcomed. I love masks for my face, why wouldn’t I love one for my feet?? If you’re planning to use any of the other products that I suggested, this would be the perfect product to use FIRST.

This one that you can get on Amazon comes with two in a package and makes your feet baby soft! It’s wonderful for cracked heels dead skin, calluses, and overall pampering of your feet. As an exfoliating treatment, it’s a great idea to use this product throughout the summer AND it’s even better if you plan to use Epoch Sole Solution immediately afterwards! Talk about keeping those dry, cracked heels at bay! This is the way to do it! Snag yours HERE.

5. Foot Spa

If you have the time, a full on foot spa might be the answer for you. Instead of using the bathtub to soak your feet, you can use a foot spa like this HoMedics Bubble Mate Foot Spa. It has massage water jets and raised nodes that work to revive your feet by gently massaging and soothing your tired, overworked feet. Remember the peppermint salt soak that I just shared with you? That would be the perfect soak to throw into this foot spa and then allow the relief to come on your aching feet!

All in all, any of these products are inexpensive and QUICK ways to keep your feet pedicure ready and feeling relieved. Every part of our body is important, and giving some love to your feet is a really smart idea. After all, your feet carry your body and soul around all day getting all the things done that you need to do! Applying a soothing lotion each night or committing to soaking them when you can, can go along way.

Self care is important. Mental health is important. Physical health is important. It ALL goes together as you build the life that you desire! I hope this inspires someone today to take care of YOU. Or, you can always send any of these ideas to a boss lady in your life who you know needs it. Every little bit helps!

Make every day stellar!
Jess xo

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