Trader Joe's Tuesday | Pizza Night

Trader Joe’s Tuesday For A Pizza Night

Starting a new weekly habit and tradition can be an invigorating way to get through the week. It often provides something to look forward to, as well as something that breaks up the monotony of the daily grind. I am generally behind when it comes to meal planning, often scrounging at the last minute or grabbing takeout. While there is nothing wrong with either of those things, I desired a healthier and more exciting option. Enter, Trader Joe’s Tuesday For A Pizza Night.

Trader Joe's Tuesday | Pizza Night

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Trader Joe’s Tuesday For A Pizza Night

It all started because I was in a rush again one Tuesday afternoon as I dropped my daughter off for basketball practice. My two boys and I had extra time to spare while she practiced, but not enough time to go home. With zero plans for dinner, I looked at them and said, “Let’s go to Trader Joe’s!”

So, we went, picked out dinner, and had SO much fun! So much so, that we started going every week on Tuesday. I would remind the kids that it’s “Trader Joe’s Tuesday” and to be thinking about what they wanted for dinner that night. It became something really fun that we looked forward to and bonus?

It was one less meal that I had to plan! *cartwheel*

Now that summer break is upon us (it literally starts tomorrow), this is a new weekly tradition that I don’t see us stopping any time soon! Basketball season has ceased for now, but we still head to Trader Joe’s every Tuesday to pick out our dinner.

AND, so many treats I often don’t know what to do with myself. HA.

Tonight, we decided that it would be pizza night! So we picked up two Uncured Pepperoni Pizza’s and one Roasted Garlic & Pesto Pizza. I also snagged this BBQ & Black Pepper Toscano Salad to ensure that we get a veggie into us.

I threw it all into the oven, sliced it up, tossed the salad and called it a night!

I am so thankful for Trader Joe’s! If you have one close, I highly recommend incorporating a #traderjoestuesday into your weekly plans. At the very least, it’s a fun way to spend time together as a family and pick out something yummy to eat. Sometimes my kids fight in the aisles, so if yours do that too, don’t fret!

You don’t have to stress over dinner because you’re at Trader Joe’s! And that’s a win right there.

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