Travel Essentials For Working Moms

Travel Essentials For Working Moms

Whether you’re traveling for work, a quick business meeting or leisure, it’s important to feel equipped. And while it is entirely possible to go overboard, I think travel gear is insanely fun to shop for. Having what you need on any trip is essential to making sure you are ready for whatever comes your way. So, this list is packed full of the basic necessities that every working woman should have. These are my favorite Travel Essential For Working Moms. What’s better? ALL of these items can be found on Amazon! Make sure to pin and save it for later!

Travel Essentials For Working Moms

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Travel Essentials For Working Moms

1. Luggage

The type of luggage that you are carrying is important. It can make or break your trip. Not only that, but you want it to be cute, affordable and dependable. I found this 3 Piece Suitcase Set that can be used together for longer trips, or separately depending on your needs. It comes in several colors, but I am partial to anything pink! So, that’s what I featured here.

Plus, I found a really classy Weekender Bag. Whether you use this as your carry-on or as your duffel bag, I loved the style and how roomy it looked. Plus, it comes with three pieces as well which makes it really convenient. Matching luggage in any shape or form is always fun!

At any point in time during this blog post, you can always check out the full list on my Amazon Storefront.

Travel Essentials For Working Moms

2. Carry-Ons & Storage

Carrying on your bag can be stressful. What’s allowed on and what’s not? How many ounces of liquid again? What’s considered a carry-on? The questions abound and it’s rough to discover them when you roll up to TSA.

I found this cute Large Travel Tote Bag that can be carried on for convenient packing. Especially if you’re headed somewhere for the day or a fast overnight, you might not need a full suitcase. Even if you do, this bag will help you to carry what you need for the flight.

Likewise, these Silicone Storage Bags would be great to pack INSIDE the Large Travel Tote. They also come in many fun colors and you can pack snacks, lunch, toiletries, make-up or anything else that requires a baggie. These Travel Essentials For Working Moms are awesome, and you can shop the full list HERE.

Travel Essentials For Working Moms

3. Snack Bags

There have been many work trips that I’ve taken that I’ve also turned into a family vacation. You know how it goes- the whole family travels out for the business meeting. And then, you stay a few days extra to vacation. Win win, right?

Well, you need snacks. And when I say need, I mean NEED. These cute snack bags will help to keep your organized. Whether you like a Large Snack Tote or an Emergency Snack Bag for your purse, both will help you fight the hunger!

Travel Essentials For Working Moms

4. Organizing Cubes

I started following my favorite travel vloggers, Tim and Fin, and quickly ordered (and fell in love with) their packing cubes. Tripped Travel Gear is a brand I personally use and highly recommend! Sold solely on Amazon, you can check out all of their items that help you travel with ease. Plus, watch their videos on YouTube because they are awesome. Holy travel inspiration!

I thought this Laundry Travel Bag was adorable as well. Nothing is worse than your dirty clothes mixing in with your clean ones while you travel. Keep them separate and then, it makes catching up on laundry easier once you’re home! Travel Essentials For Working Moms on point!

Travel Essentials For Working Moms

5. Clear Plastic Bags

Personally, I can’t get enough of clear plastic bags when I travel. It helps when they are as cute as ever! This TSA Compliant Travel System will ensure that you’re “clear for takeoff”. And, these Quart Size Travel Bags will keep anything that you can check in your bags clean, organized and ready.

Organization is key when you travel. So, if you struggle with that, make sure to check out my entire Amazon list HERE.

Travel Essentials For Working Moms

6. Bottles

I don’t know about you, but making sure that I have water with me at all times is really important to me. So, I get major water anxiety as I go through security. Usually I down all my water right before I go through TSA and then I fill back up as soon as I’m through. I like this 32oz water bottle that is fashionable but also great for traveling. That strap will come in handy, I am sure of it!

Other Travel Bottles are important to have too. If you’re packing shampoo and conditioner, face wash or anything else that needs it’s own bottle, these are great. I love colorful items. So, the more color the better!

Even if you stocked up on just a few of these Travel Essentials For Working Moms, you’d be set!

Travel Essentials For Working Moms

7. Vitamin & Pill Case

Vitamins have become increasingly more and more important to me as the days go on. Traveling with a load of vitamin bottles is just out of the question. Therefore, if your trip is a week or shorter, a Weekly Pill Case is absolutely necessary to ensure you stay healthy as you go.

Travel Essentials For Working Moms

8. Luggage Tags & Travel Bags

This Travel Makeup Bag just had to make the list. Gosh, I just thought it was so adorable. And having cute stuff is half the sell for me. HA. Plus, it would fit more than just your makeup. Think brushes, makeup brushes, hair ties, bobby pins- anything else you need could all go in here!

No packing sesh is complete without perfectly designed and inspired luggage tags. First, it’s helpful to see which bags are yours in baggage claim. And second, styled luggage is just a part of the experience. Since we are here to ‘make every day stellar’, we might as well make sure to have fun doing it!

You can continue to shop the whole Amazon list here.

Travel Essentials For Working Moms

9. Backup Organization

Just because we live in an extremely digital age, doesn’t mean there’s not still room for printed documents. In fact, it might just come in handy! If you’re like me, then you do everything on your phone. But, when I travel I still like to print backups of all my documents- just in case! If my phone died or broke, I would be ready with all I need to get on that plane. Especially if I’m heading home to my babies!

I loved this Passport And Document Holder. Whether you’re going out of the country or not, it’s equipped to keep your organized. So, even if this little holder never leaves your bag, you’ll rest easy knowing you’re prepared.

Travel Essentials For Working Moms

As you can see, Amazon is full of Travel Essentials For Working Moms. And, it’s all there to make our lives easier! Thank you so much for reading Make Every Day Stellar, and for shopping with me. I love making suggestions that could help to make someone’s life better. If you found that here today, I am so blessed by that.

Have A Stellar Day,
Jess xo

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