Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid To Start Over Again

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Start Over Again

Starting over again can seem really nerve wracking. If you have an opportunity, but you feel like it shifts where you’re currently headed, that might not be a bad thing. While considering all options before diving in, fear shouldn’t be one of the obstacles. Today, I am briefly sharing Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Start Over Again.

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Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Start Over Again

1. You Will Never Stop Learning

Learning is a part of life. We will never stop learning until the day we die. As you learn and grow, you will discover what works, what doesn’t and ultimately what brings you joy. Learning sometimes means that there will be a need or desire to start over. And that’s ok! However, learning sometimes leads to recognizing when it’s time to pivot or start something new. Nerves are normal, but don’t let the fear of starting over hold you back!

2. Learning Builds Upon Each Season

Seasons tend to build upon one another. As you develop your skills or learn what your passions are, new seasons emerge. But, when a new season emerges, it typically means one has to end. Growing into a new season is all a part of life. Never feel bad for making decisions that mean you’re growing! Below are two photos of when I was inside a huge season change. I was transitioning from full time photographer/magazine editor to a Direct Sales Leader. I never saw that coming! But, the opportunity that landed in my lap was one I was praying for and I knew it was time to transition. It’s been hard, but I would never go back and change it!

Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid To Start Over Again

3. Judgement From Others Is A Reflection Of Them

Sometimes, starting over can make us worried that others are going to judge. And they very well might! It’s not your job to stay small because others don’t understand what your path entails. Not everyone will get it. And, some might ridicule it. But as you trust the process their voices will grow more and more faint. Just keep heading down your path and they will fade in the distant past. As my sister always says, “Mind your own biscuits and life will be gravy!” And she’s right. You’re not responsible for their judgements of you. You’re responsible for YOU. So, keep going!

4. Trust The Process

It’s really a challenge to trust the process as you step into something new. But, God has brought you this far and he won’t fail you now! It might not all be clear, and there might be some real challenges ahead. But trust yourself and the process as you navigate these new waters.

In conclusion, starting over isn’t always easy. However, it CAN be so exciting! Keep your eyes and mind focused on your goals. Sometimes we have to be fluid with our methods but always remain stubborn with our goals. Just don’t let fear hold you back!

Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid To Start Over Again

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